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his favorite food is the pumpkin squares his mom makes for him btw he also likes black licorice

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โˆ™ 2009-03-15 23:42:15
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Q: What is Patrick Stump's favorite food?
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What was Patrick Henry's favorite food?

his favorite food was pumpkin

What is Patrick stumps favourite song?

Patrick Stump's favourite food is pumpkin squares his mother made and he also likes black licorice

What is Patrick stumps favourite food?

I read on that my Pattycakes loves the pumpkin squares that his mom makes. He also likes black licorice and one of his favorite fast food places is In-N-Out Burgers. --Stumpy's girl

What is Patrick stumps height?


What is Patrick stumps blog?

What is the name of Patrick stumps mom?


What is Patrick stumps hometown?

Wilmette, Illinois :)

What sauce does Patrick stumps hate?

Patrick Stump hates barbeque sauce.

What are Patrick stumps parent's names?

Patrick father is David and his mother is Patricia.

What is Patrick Swayze's favorite food?


Whats Patrick stumps girlfriends name?

Its Elisa.

Did Patrick Stumps Album come out?

Yep! in 2011

What is Patrick Stumps bday?

Patrick was born Patrick martin stumph on April 27th 1984 in Chicago,Illinois

What is Patrick Swayze's favorite food?


Is it true that Patrick stumps girlfriend is a filipino?

She comes from Filipino family, Patrick said it on an interview.

How old is Patrick stumps brother?

The age of Patrick Stump's brother is unknown but Patrick has stated he is older than him. His brother is also a violinist.

Patrick stump favorite food?

He totaly loves butterskatch and pumpkin squares

What is Patrick stumps full name?

His full name is Patrick Martin Stump. He legally removed the 'h' from the end of his last name.

What Is Patrick Stumps Aim Screen Name?

it's dum so no one will find out.

What is sponge bob Patrick star's favorite food?

Ice Cream and Krabby patties

What is Patrick Stumps nationality in Fall Out Boy?

Hes Got Irish Blood In Him But He Was Born In Chicago

Patrick stumps girlfriend?

No. He doesn't. Elisa Yao cheated. Their over. He's single, Hon.

What was Patrick swayze's favorite color?

patrick swayze's favorite color is black

What are Patrick stumps nicknames?

His nicknames are Stumpy, Lunchbox, Rickster, Harles,patty the fatty,overgrown sascwotch.

What is Patrick stumps favorate girls name?

well i think its Hannah but you never know and Patrick if you ever come across this please tell me LOL :D