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running in the Olympics.

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Q: What is Paula famous for?
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Who are the most famous cheerleaders?

paula adubal

Why is Paula Radcliffe famous?

She has taken part in loads of marathons.

What is Paula Poundstone famous for?

Paula Poundstone is famous for being an American stand up comedian. She is very funny and hilarious. She was born in 1959 in Huntsville, Alabama and moved to Sudbury.

When did Paula Marshall get famous?

Paula Marshall became famous after she did some modeling work and actress work after high school. Then she gained some fame after Seinfeld brought her more into the picture.

How did Paula DeAnda become famous?

Paula DeAnda's major breakthrough came when she auditioned for Clive Davis and was signed to Artista Records on the spot.

Who is the most famous cheerleader?

Toni Basil and Paula Abdul were both cheerleaders.

Who is paula Radcliffe?

a famous athlete in Britain who won many medals in the Olympics

Famous artist in music and dance?

ummm... Paula Abdul... Michael Jackson...

What famous star appeared in Paula Abduls video Rush Rush?

keanu reeves

What is the contraction of Paula has?

Paula has

Famous male female duets?

paul and paula mickey and sylvia Ike and Tina turner

Who are famous people from equatorial guinea?

Equatorial Guinea is actually quite infamous for their swimmers. The most famous include Eric Moussambani (Eric the Eel) and Paula Barila Bolopa (Paula the Crawler). Both had incredibly slow times at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Who were famous singers from 1980s?

Bruce Springsteen, Josie Cotton, Paula Abdul, Michale Jackson, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper are famous singers from the 1980s.

Will Paula Deen get another show?

Paula Deen is talented, pretty, famous, and a darn good cook, so I'd say the chances of her getting another show are pretty good.

What famous people have dealt with bulimia?

Paula Abdul, Elton John, and Princess Diana were all bulimics.

What famous actor appeared in Paula Abdul's Rush Rush video?

keanu reeves

What actors and actresses appeared in Paula-Paula - 2010?

The cast of Paula-Paula - 2010 includes: Carmen Montes as Paula

What nicknames does Paula Radcliffe go by?

Paula Radcliffe goes by Queen Paula, and Plucky Paula.

what is the contraction Paula has?

Paula has

What is Paula Zahn famous for?

Paula Ann Zahn is an American journalist and newscaster. She worked at ABC News, CBS News, Fox News and CNN. Since 2009 she developed a newsmagazine series for Discovery. The series is called "On the case with Paula Zahn" and started in October 2009.

Is Simon cowell popular?

Yes, Simon is famous for being Mr.nasty on American idol, and his sexual tension with paula.

Why did Paula Abdul start dancing?

She needed something else to make her famous, because her singing was not very good.

Who are some famous people whose last name starts with a A?

- Wally Amos - Neil Armstrong - Paula Abdul

What Famous people have a first name beginning with p?

Paul Rodriguez, Paula Abdul, Prince, Peyton Manning.

Who is a famous person from California?

Paula Abdul (famous for her singing career and her spot as a judge on American Idol) is from San Fernando, California. She was born on June 19, 1962.