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What is Perestroika?


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March 17, 2016 11:07AM

Perestoika means reconstructuring. It is the Russian word for "the policy or practice of restructuring or reforming the economic and political system".

What true Perestroika actually means:

Perestroika is the combining of two Russian words:

Russian perestroĭka : pere-, around, again (from Old Russian) + stroĭka, construction (from stroit', to build , from Old Russian stroiti , from strojĭ, order).] : as it applied to the remainder of the Globe in 1959 and even today, it is the rebuilding of the old Russian communist order on a global basis. This is Russia's 1959 plan to globalize all nations under communism. Ref. A Golitsyn new lies for old page 337.

To understand where we are in accomplishing the perestroika plan. The entire of Europe is now ruled by socialism, as are the nations of South America. The Middle East is in crisis which is the soviet stage of subversion followed by socialist or communist rule. Finally the United States in under collapse via crisis which will allow it to be the final chapter in achieving the entire Perestroika plan. By 2016 the entire globe will most likely achieve the perestroika plan, and all nations will be ruled by Russia.