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What is Petra made of?

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Is Petra man-made?


Was petra man made?

All buildings are man made.

What country's ancient city of Petra was made famous by Indiana Jones movies?

Petra is in the Kingdom of Jordan.

What kind of rock was Petra made from?


Why was petra made?

PETRA, which is also known as the Lost City of Stone is an ancient city in Jordan. It was made as a center of commerce for the trade rotes of spices.

How was Petra made?

a lava flow made the artic polar bears

Who made the Ruins of Petra?

Ashley Pledger, facebook him.

Can a city be made from solid rock?

See the City of Petra.

Who is Petra Trautmann?

Petra Trautmann is a German actress. She was born on May 21, 1921, in Potsdam, Germany. She made several movies in the 1940s and 1950s.

How do you write Petra in Hebrew?

Petra = פטרה

How do you spell petra in Hebrew?

Petra = פטרה

What does Petra look like?

Petra is a city carved into rock.

What is the birth name of Petra Nettelbeck?

Petra Nettelbeck's birth name is Petra Krause.

What is the birth name of Petra Knieper?

Petra Knieper's birth name is Petra Bokeloh.

How did they build Petra?

Petra was carved out of the mountains.

How big is the petra?

the petra is 1 cm

Where in the world is Petra?

Petra is Located in Jordan

What was Petra built of?

Petra was carved out of a mountain.

What was the capital of ancient Arabia Petra?


What is the birth name of Petra Laseur?

Petra Laseur's birth name is Petra Maria Laseur.

What is the birth name of Petra Sprecher?

Petra Sprecher's birth name is Petra Angelica Sprecher.

What is the birth name of Petra Trautmann?

Petra Trautmann's birth name is Petra Edelgard Trautmann.

What is the birth name of Petra Verkaik?

Petra Verkaik's birth name is Petra Charlotte Verkaik.

What is the birth name of Petra Yared?

Petra Yared's birth name is Petra Georgina Yared.

Why is petra a wonder of the world?

Petra is hot.Petra is crowded.The entrance to Petra is through a sig.The sig is narrow.Iwould take an hot air balloon to Petra.

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