What is Pinot Gris?

Pinot gris is a genetic variant of pinot noir, less pigmented in the skin than PN, but more than Pinot Blanc. Some of the erries may be as dark as PN, others close to unpigmented. The origin is conjectured to be the same as PN, i e Bourgogne. It exists under several other names, such as pinot grigio (in Italy), Malvoisie, Fromenteau. The latter names can indicate several different grape varieties with little or no realtion to each other. A wine made from the grape will in Alsace also be called Pinot Gris (with addition of place of origin if this is a named place, such as a Grand Cru). In Germany it may be called Grauburgunder, or Ruländer - the latter after the first person to grow and commercialise wine made from PG in that part of Germany (the Palatinate). In Hungary, it goes under the name of Szürkebarat, when grown around the Lake Balaton.