What is Planet Nibiru?

Recently, there have been a lot of false myths spread about a strange planet called Nibiru that comes through the solar system every 3600 years and causes major destruction, but these are just myths without any scientific evidence to back them up. Here are some of the false claims about Nibiru and explanations about why they're false: # Nibiru is the size of Jupiter -- We have observed dwarf planets on the far edges of the solar system thousands of times smaller than Jupiter. If something as large as Jupiter was out there, it would be easily visible to amateur astronomers worldwide.

# Nibiru is bright like a second sun -- Do you see a second sun shining in the sky at night? No, neither do I.

# Nibiru will pass by us on December 21, 2012 -- In order for Nibiru to get to us in the next 4 years, it would have to be closer than the orbit of Saturn, making it easily visible in the sky. # Nibiru can be seen at location 05:34:30,-02:10:13 in Microsoft's telescope program -- First take a look at Jupiter, that is the size and brightness of object you are looking for. Then go to those coordinates, and see what you think.

# The inhabitants of Nibiru are Gods that created humans on Earth # Nibiru can't be seen right now because it's behind the Sun -- The Earth keeps moving around the Sun in our orbit. Anything that's behind the Sun now would be visible in a month. But the claims about Nibiru being hidden behind the Sun have continued for years. This also contradicts the coordinates given in item #4. # You can only see Nibiru from certain places on Earth -- All objects in the southern sky are visible everywhere in the southern hemisphere of the Earth, and in part of the northern hemisphere as well. Similarly, all objects in the northern sky are visible everywhere in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, and in part of the southern hemisphere.

# NASA set up an observatory in Antarctica to track Nibiru -- Antarctica has the advantage of high altitude and dry air, but you can't see anything there that can't be seen in the rest of the southern hemisphere (see previous item) and Antarctica gets continuous sunlight from September through March, making an observatory completely unusable for half the year. Also, the coordinates given in item #4 are in the northern sky, not visible from Antarctica. Nibiru is the ancient Akkadian name for the planet Jupiter.