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Plies was born on July 1, 1976 in Fort Myers, Florida. His real name is Algernod Lanier Washington. His parents are Larry and Karla Washington.

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What is Plies mother and father names?

Marvin erv givens

Who is plies daddy?

We Dont know who is plies daddy but we are going to fine out soonThe father of "Plies" has never been announced to the public. He lived with his mother Karla Washington.

Is the artist known as plies married?

No, Plies is not married.But he is engaged to a Teressa V----

Does plies have biological kids?

no i am his gurl friend

What religion does plies practice?

Plies is a very famous rapper. Plies has made several hit songs with artist such as Usher. Some reports show that Plies may practice Christianity.

Did plies mom dead?

Didd plies Mother diee and is his fatherr on drugss

Is plies a father?

yes he has a son

Where is the birthplace of the rap artist known as plies?

ocala, Florida

Is plies mom still alive?

It is not known if rapper Plies mother is still alive. Plies released his debut album, The Real Testament in 2007.

What is the real name of the artist known as Plies?

Algernod Lanier Washington

When is the birthday of the rap artist known as Plies?

July 1 1976

What hip hop artist is name Algenard Lanier Washington?


Is shay Johnson a mother?

yeah, she has a baby by Plies

Where can you find school pictures of the artist known as Plies?

Algernod Lanier Washington

How old is the artist known as Plies?

PLIES IS IS 32July 1, 1976 (1976-01-07) (age 32) i's dont think so

Who birthed rapper plies?

Karla k. Washington his mother

What is plies mother name?

Karla Washington Karla Washington

What is the last name of the artist known as Plies?

yeah that's my babii his name isALGERNOD WASHINGTON :)

What is the height of the artist known as plies?

7'2" he is not no 7'2 i think he's only 5 something

Where can a person find Plies lyrics?

There are many places one could find lyrics for any musical artist. Plies lyrics can be found on such websites as AZLyrics, Lyrics123, MetroLyrics, and on LyricsMania.

Is Kirk Franklin Plies father?

Absolutely not! Plies was born in Florida 1976 and Kirk Franklin was born in Texas in 1970. Unless he had a son a the age of 6, No.

What is Plies' little boy's name?

Nijier Lanier Washington (born October 20, 2003). The rap artist Plies is Algernod Lanier Washington (born July 1, 1976)

Who is plies twins baby mama?

yes he do by kisha his newest babymama NO......First, Plies does not have twins...he has 1 son...1 child....and no one knows who the mother of his son is.

Is plies in plies?


Who is plies baby mother?


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