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What is Pokemon Opal?

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It was supposed to be the sequel to Diamond and Pearl, but was replaced with Pokemon Platinum.

it wasnt the next sequel and there is no Pokemon opal

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What are the legendary Pokémon for Pokémon Opal and Onyx?

Pokemon Opal and Pokemon Onyx are not yet real Pokemon games.

Is Pokemon opal real?


What is Pokemon Amethyst and Pokemon Opal?

a fan made game that is not real

Is Pokemon opal a real game?

It was thought to be the next Pokemon game, after diamon and pearl. But now, it's been told that Pokemon Platinum will be the next game. So up till now, no Pokemon opal is not a real game.

Why does the FireRed Pokemon modifier freeze my Shining Opal FireRed hack game?

The FireRed Pokemon does freeze on your Shining Opal FireRed hack game because your RAM is low.

When is Pokemon Opal version released in North America?

There is no such thing as Pokemon Opal. Get that out of your mind. If you mean Pokemon Platinum however, it will be probably released during 2009. If you're desperate, import it from Japan during August 22nd.

Is there Pokemon Opal?

No. It was supposed to be the title of the sequel to Pokemon Pearl and Diamond, but it was replaced with the title Platinum.

Are there different kinds of opal?

The types of Opal that i am familiar with are White Opal, Fire Opal, Boulder Opal, Black Opal, Crystal Opal, Light Opal, Doublet Opal, Triplet Opal, Common Opal, Synthetic Opal, and Immitation Opal.

How many types of opal are there?

There are 5 basic types of opal. These types are Peruvian Opal, Fire Opal, Girasol Opal, Common opal and Precious Opal.

What is the difference between an Australian opal and an Ethiopian opal?

An Ethiopian opal is an opal-CT, whereas an Australian opal is an opal-A. The Ethiopian opal is made up of leptospheres, instead of small amorphous silica spheres like the Australian opal.

When is Pokemon opal games coming out?

Nintendo has kept it a secret, but some people are just to smart.Pokemon Opal is going to be released July 20th.I hope it is true and I'm sorry if it's not.

What is a good acrostic poem for pangako?

Pokemon African Nile Gangrene Apples Kangaroo Opal

What is boulder opal?

Boulder opal is distinct from black opal in the following ways: * Boulder opal is usually mined in open-cut operations while black opal is mined in shafts. * Boulder opal is found in ironstone boulders, while black opal is found in seams.

What is the fracture of opal?

The fracture of an opal can be hard or smooth , An opal can have as many fractures as any other mineral can . Sometimes opal can be smooth , sometimes they can be hard . The fracture of an opal is hard and smooth .

Does Pokemon shining opal have cheat codes?

yes it does. since the game is a hack of pokemon FireRed then you would use those cheats for the game. I hope I helped

Is opal a color?

No opal is a stone not a color.

What type of rock is green opal?

an opal

What are the ingredience in black opal?

black and opal

Does opal scratch easily?

depens on the opal

Is opal common?

Depends on what kind of opal

Is there such a thing as a purple opal stone?

yes there is.. its called opal royal or morado opal.. indeed its true

What can you do with an opal?

You can wear Opal in a ring setting or on a necklace. You can collect Opal and display them. It can be stored for years then resold at a profit if the prices go up. In other words an Opal can be used as an investment. Mainly Opal is used as jewelry.

What is opal used for?

Opal is mostly used for jewelry.

What color is opal?

Opal is a multi coloured gem.

Who is opal in eastenders?

Opal Smith was Gus' aunt.