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Q: What is President George W Bush eye color?
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What is president George H. W. Bush eye color?

Blue-Greey x :) Greetings From England :) x

President g w bush eye color?

they are blue =) they are blue =)

Does President George W. Bush have blue eyes?

According to the below website: every president since Nixon has had blue eyes!

What makes eye sockets on a mummy black?

george bush

What was George Washington's eye color?


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What was the eye color of George Washington Carver?

the answer is green

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What was George Washington Carver's eye color?


What famous people demonstrated great self-control?

President Barack Obama, former President Jimmy Carter, former President George H.W. Bush were the most notable in self-control. This was because they never get emotional in the public eye.

What is george washington eye color?

His eyes were blue-gray.

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What was Saint George's weight?

There are no records of the weight, height, hair color or eye color of Saint George.

What contributions has George W Bush made to the US since leaving office?

All ex-presidents advise the current one when asked. George W. Bush has largely been out of the public eye since his presidency ended.

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