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Q: What is Prince William?
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Who is older - Prince William or Prince Harry?

Prince William.

Is Prince William single?

No, Prince William is not single.

Who was Prince William's Stepmother?

Camilla Parker Bowles is Prince William's stepmother. She married Prince Charles (Prince William's father) after Princess Diana (Prince William's mother) died.

Why is Prince William heir to throne?

Prince Charles is heir to the throne (Prince Charles is the Queen's Eldest Son), Prince William is heir to Prince Charles (Prince William is Prince Charles' Eldest).

How many children does Prince William have?

Yes, Prince William has one son, Prince George.

Are Prince William and Prince Henry twins?

No, Prince William and Prince Henry (known as Prince Harry) are not twins. Prince William is the elder son of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles.

Is Prince Charles son Prince William?

Yes, Prince William is Prince Charles son. Prince William is also getting married to Kate Middleton.

Who is Prince William's father?

Prince Charles is the father of Prince William.

Why are Prince William famous?

Prince William is famous because he is a prince

Who Is Prince William's dad?

Prince William's father is Prince Charles.

Where is the Historic Prince William Inc in Prince William Virginia located?

The address of the Historic Prince William Inc is: Po Box 1731, Prince William, VA 22195

Who is hotter Prince Harry or Prince William?

Prince William is way hotter. Prince William is taller and more intelligent than Harry. Prince William also has a lot of charisma and a dashing smile.

Will Prince William become the King when Queen Elizabeth dies?

No, Prince William's father Prince Charles, Prince of Wales will become king next. Prince William is next in line to the throne after Prince Charles.

What is the name of Prince William brother?

Prince William's brother is Prince Harry.

Is Prince William the Prince of Wales?

No Prince William is not The Prince of Wales. That title is held by the eldest son of the reigning monarch. The reigning monarch is Queen Elizabeth II and her eldest son is Prince Charles, who is Prince of Wales. Prince William is known as Prince William of Wales because his father is Prince Charles. When Charles becomes King, then Prince William will become the Prince of Wales

How old was Prince William and Prince Harry in 1997?

Prince William was 15 Prince Henry was 13

Who is older - Prince Harry or Prince William?

Prince William is older than his brother, Prince Harry.

Who will be Prince William's successor?

Prince William's eldest child, Prince George, will be Prince's William's successor. If he has more children, they will be next in line to the throne, in order of age, after Prince George.

Who will be king after Prince William?

Prince Harry is currently the next in line for King after Prince William. However, once Prince William has children, they will be next in line before Prince Harry.

Why Prince Harry instead of Prince William to succeed to throne?

Prince William is older. And Prince Charles is first in line, Harry is second and William is third.

Does Prince William have a brother?

Yes, Prince William's younger brother is Prince Harry.

Who is the grandfather of Prince William?

Prince William's grandfathers are Prince Phillip and John Spencer.

Who are Prince William's brothers and sisters?

Prince William has one brother, Prince Harry.

Does Prince William have any brothers?

Yes, Prince William and Prince Harry are brothers.

Who is the oldest Prince William or Prince Harry?

Prince William is older by two years.