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Abdul Shams aka Abu Lahab was his uncle

Uncles of Prophet Muhammad (SAW):Total Uncles - 9
Only 2 embraced Islam - Syedna Hamza (RA) & Syedna Abbas (RA)

7 Uncles did not embraced Islam -
Aabu Talib, Abu Lahab, Zubair, Maqoom, Zarrar, Haris & Mugheera

Aunts of Prophet Muhammad (SAW):
Total Aunts - 6
Only one embraced Islam - Syeda Safia (RA)

5 Aunts did not embraced Islam -
Um-e-Hakeem Baiza (Grandmother of Syedna Usman (RA)),
Aroohi (some says perhaps she accepted Islam but not confirmed),
Ateka (some says perhaps she accepted Islam but not confirmed),
Barrah, Amemmah
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Abu Talib

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Q: What is Prophet Muhammad' uncle's name?
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What is Prophet Muhammad uncles name?

hazrat amir hamza

By what name did prophet Muhammad's uncles call him?

The Grandfather of Holy Prophet (SAW) named him 'Muhammad'. His uncles called him by this name.

How many uncles of prophet Mohammad?

Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW had nine uncles.

No- Muslim uncles of Prophet Muhammad?

Abu Lahab wasn't Muslim & he caused a lot of harm with his wife to the prophet Muhammad PBUH.Abu Taleb wasn't Muslim but he helped the prophet Muhammad & protected him from his enemies.

Why did the Prophet Muhammad change his name?

The prophet Muhammad didn't change his name

What is the nickname of Prophet Muhammad Pbuh?

There was no nick name of the holy Prophet (SAW). His name was 'Muhammad' and he was called by this name.

What was the name of your prophet Mohammad uncles?

Abu talib

What is the name of last prophet of Islam?

Prophet Muhammad

How many uncles did Muhammad have?

He had NINE uncles.

4 who is the name of their prophet?

Who's the name of the Islamic Prophet? Well that's Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad's camel's name?

Qaswah is the name of the camel of Prophet Muhammad

The name of the famous prophet in Islam?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

What is the name of the holy prophet?


Is this the Prophet Muhammads first name Muhammad abd almuttaleb?

abd almuttalib was the Prophet Muhammad SAW grandfather.the prophets name was Muhammad bin (or son of) abdullah

Which surah mentioned Prophet Muhammad name the most?

Suratul Muhammad.

Who gave the prophet Muhammad the name Muhammad?

His grandfather Abdul-Muttalib

What is the name of the prophet to whom the Qu'ran was revealed?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

What is the name of the prophet for Islam?

Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (PBUH)

What is the name of 'the prophet' and there god?

The name of Muslims Prophet is Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H their god is Allah

What is Prophet Muhammad nurse name?


What is the name of nani of Prophet Muhammad?


What was the Prophet Muhammad father's name?


What Prophet Muhammad father name?


What does Mohd in a name mean?

Its a short for Muhammad, the name of the Muslim prophet. Its can be pronounced as Mohammad or Muhammad.

Why do Muslims write PBUH after a prophet's name?

It is an abbreviation to a greeting to prophet Muhammad that is: Peace (from Allah)Be Upon Him (prophet Muhammad).

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