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RAM = Random Access Memory. That's the volatile high speed memory that is used inside a computer that lets you store internal applications and data. Everything written to RAM is lost when you turn off the computer, so usually, important data is written to a long-term storage device, such as a disk or "Flash Memory". CPU = Central Processing Unit. It is also sometimes called the ALU or Arithmetic Logic Unit. It's the part of the computer that makes decisions and causes things to happen. The CPU has built in instructions that allow it to perform some very basic tasks, such as: Add the contents of register 1 to the contents of register 2 and store the results in register 2. If the contents of register 1 are greater than the contents of register 2, continue execution of this program at line 101, otherwise continue execution at the next line. There are many such "low level" commands that are executed by the CPU, and when these simple commands are being executed at a rate of over 1 million instructions per second, you get some pretty amazing results.

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Q: What is RAM and CPU?
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Is ram part of the CPU?

RAM can be part of the CPU.

Interaction between CPU and ram?

The Northbridge interacts between the CPU and RAM.

Which medium used between CPU and ram to speed up the processing power of CPU?


What is CPU and ram?

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit RAM stands for Random Access Memory

How can CPU RAM be converted to GPU RAM?

It can't.

Is the RAM in the CPU?

no, it plugs into the motherboard. usually to the right of the CPU

Why is the speed of the CPU dependent on the RAM?

In certain applications, the overall speed may be dependent on the RAM. If you have a fast CPU but very little RAM then your performance will be slowed.

Is ram automatically built in the CPU?


What options have an effect on the speed of the communication between the CPU and RAM in a computer?

CPU front side bus RAM clock rate

Is RAM stored directly on the CPU?

No. RAM is a type of memory, not data.

Which medium used between CPU and ram to speed up CPU?


How do you know which CPU RAM and motherboard are compatible?

First of all I would choose a motherboard, as you choose RAM and a CPU that will go with your mother board. So if your motherboard is a AM2+ Socket, any AMD AM2+ socket CPU will fit into it and if it has DDR2 RAM Slots, then you are required to get DDR2 RAM

Difference between the ram and pram model?

in RAM model only one CPU is work in PRAM model multiple cpu is work

What form of RAM is more accessible to the CPU then regular ram?

Cache memory

Which medium used between CPU and ram increases speed of CPU?

graphic card

Where is the CPU stack is placed?

its placed in RAm

What should you consider when upgrading ram?

your cpu

What is the best app on android for monitoring overall cpu and ram usage?

The best app on Android for monitoring overall cpu and ram usage is TinyCore

Will CPU frequency affect ram I fitted new batt to motherboard and selected default settings And now RAM has dropped in value quite considerably is this due to CPU frequency?

There is no connection between CPU frequency and ram value. But you meant ram frequency then it's possible nowadays motherboards allow to overclock factory settings by setting up higher values for CPU and ram voltages. Usually when you are overclocking FSB the ram frequency changes too.

How to determining the optimum RAM Speed for a given CPU Is there a formula for Determining optimum RAM speed for a given CPU?

Max it out!!! The CPU can only be as fast as it's cache size and than it's memory.

What do you call the space where the computer does its processing?


Name four components of a motherboard?

PCI Slots CPU Socket Northbridge RAM slots PCI Slots CPU Socket Northbridge RAM slots

What ram is used for give example?

The purpose of RAM is to allow your CPU faster access to programs. If your CPU had to go to the Hard Drive anytime it wanted a program your computer would run very, very slowly. So for example, if you click on Internet Explorer, it is placed in RAM. Your CPU can access data out of RAM very quickly, like 1 million times a second. That's why if you have lots of RAM, then more of the Internet Explorer program can go into RAM, while if you have to little RAM, then your computer is slower because the CPU has to wait while more of the program is loaded into RAM from your hard drive.

What are the main characteristics of a computer system?

cpu, ram

Why is the frame required in a graphics workstation?

A CPU and Ram