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What is Radiant energy is a form of?

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kenetic energy only

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Is radiant energy a form of potential energy only?

Radiant energy is not a form of potential energy. Radiant energy is ONLY a form of kinetic energy.

What is a difference between heat energy and radiant energy?

Heat Energy is one FORM of Radiant Energy...it is not different.

Are radiant energy and solar energy the same?

This is a categorization question. Solar energy is a form of radiant energy but not all radiant energy is solar energy. For example a hot iron gives off radiant energy but this is not solar energy.

Is light energy and radiant energy same?

Light energy is a form of radiant energy. Radiant energy can be other forms of radiation that are not light such as ultraviolet or radio waves.

Why radiant energy bad?

The question is based on a lack of understanding of what radiant energy is! It is not bad: there would be no life on earth if it were not for sunlight - which, in case you had not noticed, is a form of radiant energy.

Are light rays a form of radiant energy?

Light rays are a form of radiant energy. Light rays are the visible light region from around 400 - 700 nm. All types of electromagnetic radiation are radiant energy.

In what form does radiant energy travel?

in the form of electromagnetic waves.

What is the form of energy also known as light energy is what?

Radiant energy. Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation.

What form of energy is light?

Light is a type of energy known as radiant energy.

What tye of energy does a beam of sunlight have?

Radiant energy, a form of electrical energy..

What form of radiant energy can you see?

Radiant energy in the range of 400 to 800 tera hz, the optical range of light.

Which form of energy is represented by X-rays?

Radiant. X-rays are radiated from the Sun and are part of radiant energy

What form of energy does an Infrared Lamp give out?

The answer is Radiant energy. Infrared light has properties of radiant energy in the form of either a wave or a particle, but not both at the same time, depending on how you look at it.

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