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What is Reverse 10-Key data entry?


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October 28, 2008 5:01AM

Data Entry

Reverse key entry is where an operator enters a numeric entry on a ten key pad and then enters the same data in reverse order. This reduces operator keying errors. This only refers to a machine function, not a data entry job - Reverse Key or Reverse 10-key in data entry refers to the use of numbers within the letter keys. The original keypunch machines and early data entry terminals used what is now considered reverse key. The nine on the top row is the 0, U the 1, I the 2, O the 3, J the 4, K the 5, L the 6, M the 7, the common key is the 8 and the period key is the 9. To change from alpha to numerical the keyer holds down the shift key. Actually data entry is much easier with reverse key as it eliminates the transition from alpha keys to the numeric keypad.