What is Richard branson's favourite food?

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Richard Branson has 6 different fave foods , Fish and chips. Chicken nuggets Scampi Prawns Oysters Coconut ice So his most fave food is fish
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What was Marie Antoinette's favourite food?

If you watched Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, you know that the late Queen liked to be surrounded by pyramids of gorgeous pastries and followed a macaroon-and-champagne diet. Or did she? Well, according to contemporary accounts, not at all. The etiquette required the King and Queen to take som ( Full Answer )

What is Richard branson's email address?

richard.branson@virgin.com. Sorry guys - tried this email address, with this result : . This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: richard.branson@virgin.com Technical details of permanent failure: Google trie ( Full Answer )

What is a dog's favourite food?

It really depends on the dog. bacon bits or kibble Actually it is anything because they can not really taste the difference but DO NOT GIVE DOGS CHOCOHLATE EVER IT KILLS THEM IT IS POISON thanks :)

What is Selena Gomez favourite food?

She likes all foods, Any international food like ; Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Italian. She also has an obsession with pickles. She also likes to drink diet coke.

What is the koala's favourite food?

The Koala ( Phascolarctos cinereus ) is a marsupial mammal and is indigenous to Australia. Their closest relative is the wombat.. They live in eucalyptus trees and eat only a few types of gum leaves from which they get all nutrients and water requirements. Eucalyptus leaves are tough, toxic and low ( Full Answer )

Cathy Freeman's favourite food?

Steamed fish, pumpkin, broccoli, basmati rice with a little sea salt, cracked pepper and lemon juice

What is David Beckham favourite food?

David once said in an interview " I like a nice restaurant and will enjoy almost anything - Italian, Indian, Chinese, you name it. I still like fish and chips though. I'm not a beer drinker".

What is a guinea pigs favourite food?

I went on vacation for a week once and had 2 guinea pigs at home. My dad was taking care of them for the week. When i got home my two guinea pigs had grown a lot. My dad had feed them lettuce. They loved it so much they would to stop eating it.

Audrey Hepburns Favourite food?

Pasta, Meat, And Ice-Cream She Would Eat A Full Meal And She Ate More Than A Average Hollywood Star

Jacqueline wilsons favourite food?

it used to be fruit but now it is cauliflower cheese and candyfloss i think it is so if its not sorry but i think its that

What is David tenant's Favourite Food?

He likes French and Italian food, and meat (sausages, roast chicken, and steak). He also has a sweet tooth and especially likes French Fancies and Millionaire's Shortbread.

What was the ancient Greeks favourite food?

The ancient Greeks actually had three different favorite foods.These three foods included: vegetables, legumes, and differenttypes of fruit.

What is shadow the hedgehog's favourite food?

Absolutely nobody in the whole entire world knows what shadow's favourite food is. either that or he dosent eat. it's only natural if he dosent eat, for he is the ultimate life form.

What is Richard hammond's favourite car?

The Series I 1956 Land Rover that he got for Christmas as a present from his wife. He also has had a 1982 Porsche 911 SC which he also likes. His favorite car was a little, yellow Opel Kadett he nicknamed Oliver in a trip around Botswana for Top Gear. He then paid thousands to have it shipped back ( Full Answer )

What is Jackie Chan's Favourite Food?

Jackie Chan likes all kinds of food. Some food he has mentionedenjoying in various places - crab, rice, Indian food (curry), hotspices (chilli), red bean soup, icecream, and chocolate.

Henry VIII's favourite food?

1. spit-roasted meat, 2. grilled beavers' tails, 3. whale meat, 4. whole roasted peacock, 5. internal organs, 6. black pudding, 7. boar's head, 8. roasted swan, 9. vegetables, 10. marzipan, 11. spiced fruitcake, 12. wine and ale. pretty gross.....

What is robin kleins favourite food?

I think it's chips, Or "Fries" if you are American. Or Pommes Frites if you are German. I think that's what he said in one of his speeches, but don't hold me to it.

What is the kakapo's favourite food?

Kakapo, for the most part, have a fairly specialised diet. They eatcertain fruits such as that of the rimu and kahikatea and the seedsof manuka and leatherwood. They eat the shoots of the shrub Dracophyllum .In the warmer months they drink rata nectar, while in winter theyfeed on sun orchid bulbs.

What is Richard Branson's official fan phone number?

No official fan phone number for Richard Branson is known at this time. Celebrities very rarely release a fan phone number. They just don't have the time to talk to thousands of people every day. You'll have better luck if you search for a fan email or fan mail address.

What is Belgium's favourite foods?

Vlaamse frites Belgian chocolate .. well they're not actually their favorite foods they're just there well knows dishes yes hmm nomnom i ate pizzahut when i was in belgium (:

What is richard wiskers favourite color?

well Richard Wisker said on twitcam that he likes all colours but if he had to say he would choose black because he said he wears that colour often

What are hermit crabs favourite food?

Plain popcorn, i put a few pieces of plain popcorn in my 2 hermit crabs cage right before i went to bed at 10:30 at 6:00 am the next morning every single piece of pop was gone. and i only had 2 crabs!! ( do give your crabs anything with butter on it, it will kill them)

What is the favourite food in Egypt?

People ate pigeons, cranes, teal, geese, and duck. Teal is a freshwater duck that is found in America, Europe, and Asia. They also ate bread, beans, onions, and green vegetables. The Egyptians enjoyed beef the most. They did not eat that much beef because it was very expensive, because cattle needed ( Full Answer )

What is ville valo favourite food?

Well, I don't think he has mentioned before 1 favoruite food. However, he describes himself as a 'vegan who eats chocolate'. He's also said he loves Thai food.

What was Richard Branson's management style?

Lacking conventional business school training, or even a high school diploma, Branson continued to make huge financial decisions according to his own whimsical methods.

What are the lyrics to favourite food by victorious?

what i like about cheese is that you can put it on veggies cause it tastes mmm mmm so good. i like to talk about food its my favorite thing to do every treat from yellow to blue. red & green so lets all sing! tell me all about your favorite foods!Robbie:mine is pizza!Jade:and i like hamburgers too ( Full Answer )

What is JB gills favourite food?

I don't know what the favorite food is but i know their favorite color yellow favorite food is chinese

What is Richard wisker favourite color?

On twitcam Richard Wisker said that he likes all colours but if he has to choose he would say black because he wears it often

What is a small spiders favourite foods?

Well, what exactly the TYPE of the spider is would help, but in general, smaller insects. Turn over rocks at a park and find some like beetles , maybe ants , a fly if your lucky. I think they especially like cockroaches . (eww :D )

What is vulture's favourite food?

anything. literally. they will eat anything. :) Vultures eat carrion, and if it is alive they won't eat it. So they don't eat anything.

What is Betty whites favourite food?

Hi, Betty White here. Do you mean me (Betty White), or somebody named Betty whites. Is this a racial thing? Are you British? In St. Olaf, we spell it 'favorite' and we use apostrophes. My favorite food is pizza, why do you ask? Are you inviting me over for dinner?

What is the favourite food of cow?

Grass, no doubt about it. If cattle where given a choice of hay, silage, grain or grass, they would go for grass. They might go for the grain if they learned to like it, but if not, grass is the top favorite food of any bovine.

What is Adeles favourite food?

I don't know for sure but she does like fine foods and nice wine she says in rolling stones magazine.

Why is bamboo pandas favourite food?

Because they are constantly surrounded by it. Though they also eat fish and small rodents, their favorite still remains as bamboo.

What is the one direction favourite food?

Niall like Chinese, Japanese and Italian food. Louis likes to eat carrots. Liam likes cake. Harry likes tacos, fajitas, and sweet corn. Zayn likes eating samosas (a southwest Asian food)

What is sheamus favourite food?

Sheamus what is your favorite food,color,number,song,drink and vegetable ? Because i'm you'r no.1 FANS ^_^

What is Elizabeth 2 favourite food?

According to the Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth II's foods are simpleones, and include Special K cereal, jam sandwiches, and chocolatecake.

What is a favourite food in Ireland?

There are lots of popular foods in Ireland, both dishes fromIreland and from other countries. People eat Chinese, Italian,French, Indian etc. Ireland is always associated with things likepotatoes and beef and Irish stew, and people do eat those thingstoo. So there are many favourite foods in Ireland ( Full Answer )

What is a Wild goats favourite food?

All goats, especially a wild goat, are a browser, and are reputedto be able to eat anything! So, a wild goat probably doesn't have afavourite food, but will eat whatever it can.

What is my favourite food?

Everybody has a favourite food or meal! Mine is a Sunday Roast -with roast beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, carrots orFrench beans, and gravy.