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What is Robert Weaver famous for?

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Robert Weaver was the first African-American member of a president's cabinet. He was also secretary of Housing and Urban Development when it was first founded.

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When did Robert C. Weaver die?

Robert C. Weaver died in 1997.

What President appointed Robert Weaver the first Black cabinet member?

Robert C. Weaver

When was Robert Weaver - editor - born?

Robert Weaver - editor - was born in 1921.

When did Robert Weaver - editor - die?

Robert Weaver - editor - died in 2008.

When was Robert C. Weaver born?

Robert C. Weaver was born on 1907-12-29.

What has the author Robert R Weaver written?

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What post did Robert C Weaver hold?

Weaver was Lyndon Johnson's Secretary of HUD.

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First black cabinet member?

Robert Weaver

What has the author Robert Kean Weaver written?

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First African American cabinet member?

Robert weaver

What did Robert Weaver serve as in the president's cabinet?

From 1966-1968, Robert C. Weaver served as the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, under President Lyndon B. Johnson.

What did Robert C Weaver accomplish?

Robert C. Weaver was the first African American member of a presidential cabinet. He headed the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which oversaw federal housing programs.

Which president appointed Robert Weaver as a member of the black cabinet?


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