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Many, many things. But some of the things are:

-Romanian is the second language spoken in Microsoft, coz the company is full with Romanian IT specialists.

- Scientists, mathematicians, inventors and inventions like:

Ana Aslan: inventor of Gerovital anti-aging treatment.

Aurel Babeş: discovered the vaginal smear as screening test for Cervical cancer.

Ioan Cantacuzino: his discoveries were relevant in the treatment of cholera, epidemic typhus, tuberculosis, and scarlet fever.

Henri Coandă: aircraft designer, discovered the Coanda effect of fluidics.

Lazăr Edeleanu: he was the first chemist to synthesize amphetamine.

Rodrig Goliescu: he built the avioplan, the first fixed-wing aircraft with a tubular fuselage and the "Aviocoleopter", the first aircraft to have a toroidal wing.

Theodor V. Ionescu: the inventor of a multiple-cavity magnetron in 1935, a hydrogen maser in 1947, 3D imaging for cinema/television in 1924 and hot deuterium plasma studies for controlled nuclear fusion in 1969, Member of the Romanian Academy since 1955.

Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen: he invented the Karpen Pile, which works in the absence of a magnetic field, but takes advantage of the thermal-siphon effect of the electrolyte density variation.

Constantin Levaditi: alongside Karl Landsteiner, he discovered in 1909 the presence of the polio virus in tissues other than nervous.

Hermann Oberth: along with the Russian Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and the American Robert Goddard, one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics.

Ştefan Odobleja: had established many of the major themes of cybernetics regarding cybernetics and systems thinking ten years before the work of Norbert Wiener was published in 1948.

George Emil Palade: discovered of the ribosomes.

Nicolae Paulescu: the discoverer of insulin.

Eugen Pavel: inventor of the Hyper CD-ROM, a 3D optical data storage medium with a claimed initial capacity of 10 TB and with a theoretical capacity of 1 PB on a single disc.

Aurel Perşu: built the first car to have the wheels inside its aerodynamic line.Petrache Poenaru: invented the world's first fountain pen.

Emil Racoviţă: he is the founder of biospeleology.

Aurel Vlaicu: built the first arrow-shaped airplane.

Traian Vuia: built and flew one of the earlier fixed wing aircraft for about 20 meters at an altitude of 1 meter.

- Artists like:

Constantin Brincusi (sculptor)

Demetre Chiparus (art deco sculptor)

Tristan Tzara, contemporary artist, the master of Dada

Constantin Noica(philosopher)

Mircea Eliade(philosopher, History of Religion)

Emil Cioran (philosopher)

Eugene Ionesco (dramatist, and one of the foremost playwrights of the Theatre of the Absurd)

Cristi Puiu (director)

Nae Caranfil (director)

Radu Muntean (director)

Maia Morgenstern (actress)

Razvan Vasilescu (actor)

_Three Nobel prize winners:

George Emil Palade (Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1974) for his discoveries concerning the structural and functional organization of the cell.


- Vlad Tepes, more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler or simply Dracula ("son of (Vlad II) Dracul"), was a three-time Voivode of Wallachia, ruling mainly from 1456 to 1462.

Historically, he is best known for his resistance against the Ottoman Empire and its expansion and for the impaling of enemies. Already during his lifetime, his reputation of excessive cruelty spread abroad, to Germany and elsewhere in Europe. The total number of his victims is estimated in the tens of thousands.

Nicolae Ceaușescu

Romanian Communist politician. He was Secretary General of the Romanian Communist Party from 1965 to 1989, and as such was the country's second and last Communist leader. He was also the country's head of state from 1967 to 1989.

His rule was marked in the first decade by an open policy towards Western Europe and the United States, which deviated from that of the other Warsaw Pact states during the Cold War.

Ceaușescu's second decade was characterized by an increasingly brutal and repressive regime - by some accounts, the most rigidly Stalinist regime in the Soviet bloc. It was also marked by an ubiquitous personality cult, nationalism and a deterioration in foreign relations with the Western powers as well as the Soviet Union. Ceaușescu's government was overthrown in the December 1989 revolution, and he and his wife were executed.


Romania is very passionate for soccer, just like Italy, if not even more. They have some quality players ( Gheorghe Hagi, Cristi Chivu, Adrian Mutu ) and have defeated some strong teams in the past. They almost got to the semi-finals of the world cup in 1994, but lost in penalties after the 2-2 tie and extra-time to Sweden.

- One of the 4 (four) countries to participate in the first 3 (three) FIFA World Cups.(Brazil, France, and Belgium are the other three)

- Most people say the first official FIFA World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. Even so, Romania was among the 4 (four) European teams (Belgium, France, Yugoslavia, and Romania) participating in that cup also. There were 9 (nine) other teams from other continents that participated in that cup also (13 in total).

Romania holds a long tradition in artistic gymnastics, especially in the ladies' competition. Gymnastics is responsible for the majority of Romania's Olympic medals, gold, silver and bronze. The most famous Romanian gymnast is Nadia Comăneci, who was the first gymnast to ever score a perfect 10 at the Olympic Games, during the 1976 Summer Olympics. At the 1976 Olympics, Teodora Ungureanu did very well too, but did not receive as much fame as Nadia. Other famous gymnasts include: Daniela Silivaş, Ecaterina Szabo, Lavinia Miloşovici, Gina Gogean, Simona Amânar, Andreea Răducan, Maria Olaru, and Cătălina Ponor.

Top Romanian men's gymnasts include Marius Urzică and Marian Drăgulescu.

TennisRomania reached the Davis Cup finals three times (1969, 1971, 1972). The most famous Romanian tennis player of all time is Ilie Năstase, presented by the Tennis Hall of Fame presents as "the most talented player ever to hold the racquet". He was the only Romanian player to ever achieve the number 1 ranking. Other famous men's tennis players include Ion Ţiriac and Andrei Pavel. In ladies' tennis, Virginia Ruzici,Irina Spîrlea, andRuxandra Dragomir are among the top Romanian players of all times. As for active players, the top Romanians on the men's side include Victor Hănescuand Victor Crivoi. BoxingBoxing is popular in Romania, especially in the TV broadcastings. Famous boxers include Nicolae Linca, Francisc Vaştag, Mihai Leu, Lucian Bute, Leonard Doroftei.

Rowing and canoeing35 Olympic medals (18 gold) for rowing and 34 medals (10 gold) for canoeing. Romania is a leading rowing nation.

The Romanian Senior Women's rowing team is particularly strong. They have been the poster child team as regards women's rowing. They consistently perform in the coxed women's eight. This Olympics they won the women's coxless pair. This was one of the team members 6th Olympic gold medal. Now she is the most decorated female rower in history.

- Food & Drinks (too many... beer, wines, tzuica/ palinca/ horinca)

- Music:

-George Enescu, Sergiu Celibidache, opera singers, pianists and violonists

- The land is beautiful: it has mountains, sea, a unique Delta, muddy volcanos and interesting caves and keys.

- Latin language, close to Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French. Because of its geographical position, surrounded by Slave languages/ people/ countries it kept the Latin roots almost unchanged.

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