Rosh Hashanah

What is Rosh Hashanah in addition to being a Jewish holiday?

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August 11, 2015 6:40AM

Rosh Hashanah is the first two days of the month of Tishrei, and

is the Jewish New Year. Our traditions state that at that time the

world is judged for the coming year (Talmud, Rosh Hashanah 16a);

and during services we read the Torah and say prayers which ask for

a good year and which declare God's kingship over the world. The

shofar* (ram's horn) is blown (Leviticus 23:24; Talmud, Rosh

Hashanah 33b-34a), symbolically heralding God's kingship, and

calling to mind the covenant of Isaac (see Genesis ch.22). Festive

meals are held in the home, and traditional foods* (such as the

well-known apple dipped in honey) are eaten to symbolize a sweet

year (See Talmud, Keritut 6a).*See also the Related


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February 10, 2014 8:12PM

Rosh HaShanah means the "Head of the Year". Rosh HaShanah is

actually the first day of the 7th Month of the Jewish Calendar. It

is the first day of the Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe). It begins the

10 days of preparation for Yom Kippur. It is the day that God

created the world.

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