What is SAP 1 architecture?

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SAP is Simple As Possible Computer. The type of computer is specially designed for the academic purpose and nothing has to do with the commercial use. The architecture is 8 bits and comprises of 16 X 8 memory i.e. 16 memory location with 8 bits in each location, therefore, need 4 address lines which either comes from the PC (Program Counter whish may be called instruction pointer) during computer run phase or may comes from the 4 address switches during the program phase. All intructions (5 only) stores in this memory. It means SAP cann't store program having more than 16 instructions.

SAP can only perform addition and subtraction and no logical operation. These arithematic operation are performed by an adder/subtractor unit.

There is one general purpose register (B register) used to hold one operand of the arithmatic operation while another is kept by the accumulator register of the SAP-1.

In addition there are 8 LEDs, work as output unit and connected with the 8 bit output register.

All timely moment of data or activities are performed by the controller/sequencer part of the SAP-1.

Further details can be found in the Malvino Brown book, Computer design fundamentals-or may confirm the name of the book.


1) Program counter

2) Input MAR

3) The RAM

4) Instruction Register

5) Controller Sequencer

6) Accumulator

7) The Adder-subtrector

8) B Register

9) Output Register

10) Binary Display

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Q: What is SAP 1 architecture?
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