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Q: What is SAS and does it comes under ERP or non ERP?
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What is non-ERP System?

any system which is not erp is non erp system

How do you prevent non communicable diseases?


Is land a current or non current asset?

I believe that land comes under Property, Plant & Equipment which comes under non-current. So, as far as I can recall, it should be non-current.

Does teli comes under obc non-creamy layer?


Does yadav comes under obc non creemy layer?


List all relevant standard publish by Nigerian accounting standard board?

Sas 1 - statement of accounting policies sas 2 - information to be disclosed in financial statement sas 3 - accounting for property, plant and equipment sas 4 - accounting for stock(inventory) sas 5 - accounting for construction contract sas 6 - prior year, exceptional and extra-ordinary items sas 7 - currency conversion sas 8 - retirement benefit sas 9 - depreciation sas 10 - bank and non-bank financial institutions sas 11 - accounting for lease sas 12 - deferred taxation sas 13 - investment sas 14 - petroleum industry - down-stream sas 15 - bank and non-bank financial institutions (part 2) sas 16 - insurance sas 17 - petroleum industry - up-stream sas 18 - cashflow statement sas 19 - taxation sas 20 - abridge financial statement sas 21 - earnings per share other accounting statements have been issued in recent time

Differentiate between erp and non-erp system?

No Integrity, no communication, time taking and mostly independent (connection between the departments) software while processing data in an enterprise or organisation can be treated as non-erps and reverse to this is erps.

Was Andy mcnab in the sas?

Yes. Andy McNab is a pseudonym for a British Army soldier who joined the 22nd SAS regiment in the 1980's. He is now a novelist and writes both fiction and non-fiction novels about the SAS.

Is grass vascular or non vascular or nonvascular?

Grass comes under vascular plants.

Is vannikula kshatriya comes under non creamy in obc?

yes.. category 2A..

Are starfish vertebrates?

Star fish is an invertebrate. It comes under the phylum Echinodermata of non- Chordates.

The purchase of land in exchange for common stock comes under what activities?

It is a non cash activity.

What comes under balance sheet?

Following items comes in balance sheet:1 - current assets2 - non-current assets3 - current liabilities4 - non-current liabilities5 - Owner equity.

What are 3 types of computer printers?

there are only two types of printer 1. impact and 2. non impact.. DMP, Line printer, passbook printer comes under impact printer.. inkjet, deskjet, laserjet comes under non impact printer..

Does milk come in the vegetable category or non-vegetable category?

Milk Comes under the dairy catagory. It is nutritionally unique therfore cant come under vegetable. However looking at the choice in the question it will come under the non- vegetable choice.

What fruits are considered non citrus?

lemon family or its cousine comes under citric (acid) .ie orange,grapefruit,

Is strawberry hot or cold?

As stawberry comes under one of the varieties of lichee it should obviously be a non heat fruit........

What are non commercial food operations?

The food you prepare at home is non commercial food operations. The food they make out to sell to public comes under commercial food operations.

What is difference between carotene and carotenoid?

Carotenoids are a class of hydrocarbons..which are differentiated into two categories -Oxygen containing and non oxygen containing compounds.Carotene comes under non oxygenated compounds.

How do you get hornswoggle out under the ring in 2009 WWE?

R1 and down on the directional pad will make him come out....but below answer is semi right he is non-playable!! u dont get him out after a while he comes out and throws a shileighleigh out from under the ring then goes back under, he is NON-PLAYABLE and u cant pull him out!!

Is strawberry hot or cold fruit?

As stawberry comes under one of the varieties of lichee it should obviously be a non heat fruit........

What type is of force is tension?

There are 2 types of forces. such- Contact forces and non contact forces. Tension force comes under contact force.

What is the difference between non current asset and plant asset?

plant assets comes under non current assets. now non current assets are those which are not easily feasible in cash like land, building or other fixed properities.

Is kerosene non renewable?

Yes, kerosene is non-renewable.Kerosene comes from FOSSIL fuels, which are non-renewable.

What type of fish is non fatty fish.?

all the fishes except the sea foods like prawn and other fish comes under sea foods like crab are all non fatty foods