What is SMS?

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SMS stands for Short Message Service and is also called texting or text messaging. SMS messages or 'texts' are usually sent from one mobile phone to another mobile phone. It is a quick and convenient way of sending a short message to someone anywhere.

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Q: What is SMS?
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Where can one find free SMS in Australia?

Free SMS in Australia can be found at Free SMS AUS, Free SMS Mate, SMS Fun, Nobile Planet, SMS Pup, International Free SMS, Yuilop, Slide SMS and SMS Roaming.

Where can one find a free SMS site?

One can find free SMS from the following websites: Way 2 SMS, 160 By 2, A Free SMS, 7 Way SMS, Free SMS, Everytime SMS, Full On SMS, SMS 440, Text For Free, Jaxtr.

What is sms observation?


What is fullform of SMS?


What is SMS MO MT?

SMS MO (Mobile Originator) is the ability to sent SMS. SMS MT(Mobile Transmitter) is the ability to receive SMS transmitted my MO.

What is Bedava SMS?

Bedava SMS is a free SMS according to the Turkish translation.

You have sms marketing software but it not workig?

If you have problems on sending sms by sms software, I think the best way is using online sms service from sms provider site as

Sms stands for?

SMS stands for

What is correct - a sms or an sms?

"An sms" is correct. In the English language "an" is used when the next word begins with a vowel or with a word which has phonetically vowel sound. Ex.- An MBA

What does binary SMS mean?

The Binary SMS means an SMS message that includes binary data.

What is deskop sms?

It is an application that use internet to connect to a sms gateway for sending and receiving sms.

What is sms and what device uses sms?

SMS is an abbreviation which stand for SMS Messaging Service. SMS is mostly use by Telecommunication companies.The correct expanded definition of SMS is Short Message Service or Short Messaging Service. (See Related Link Below).

What does sms stand for in the david crowder band song sms shine?

The SMS stands for "Send Me a Sign"

Where can you send free online sms?

There are quite a few providers of free SMS services online. These providers include Free SMS, Way 2 SMS, 160 by 20 and CBF SMS along with countless others.

How do you block people from sending you sms?

block the sms

What does local sms mean?

local sms means

What is a SMS tone?

sms tones are for text messages.

What is swedish standard SMS 2307?

SMS 2307

What are the features of a cute SMS?

The main feature of a cute SMS is the aesthetics. One typically is interested in what an SMS looks like and the ability to share the cute SMS with their friends.

What is the meaning behind Hindi SMS?

The letters SMS are an acronym for "short message service" and Hindi SMS is a site that offers jokes and ideas that are directed to SMS messaging in Hindi. There appears to be numerous sites with ideas for Hindi SMS.

What is a sms union?

Sms union is a fitting use in the parmacitical or food product. Sms is one of the standard use.

How do you stop getting sms from 58888?

sms WSTOP to 58888 and sms GSTOP to 58888 and sms STOP to 58888 The sms from 58888 are notorious and of different types which need to be deactivated by these 3 sms. You might be receiving the sms from 58888 because you had tried to know your PNR status by sending PNR <PNR number> to 58888. You wont get PNR status, but you will surely start getting daily 1-4 sms from 58888.

Where can one find ideas to send a dirty SMS message?

Someone can find ideas to send a dirty SMS message to someone from a number of websites such as Search for SMS. The website Search for SMS has a number of examples of dirty SMS messages.

How do you cancel Yahoo SMS?

If you send an sms you cannot cancel it .

What stands for sms?

SMS stands for 'Short Message Service'