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SPF means Spruce, Pine, Fir.

Four species, White Spruce (Picea glauca), Engelmann Spruce (Piceaengelmanni), Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta), and Alpine Fir (Abieslaciocarpa) comprise the spruce-pine-fir species group. All yield high grade timber with relatively small, sound tight knots. Lumber produced from spruce-pine-fir Species is marketed together as SPF.

SPF lumber is a distinctly white wood, with very little color variation between springwood and summerwood. The wood has a bright, clean appearance, ranging in color from white to pale yellow, with a fine straight grain and smooth texture.


Kiln dried SPF lumber is used as a structural framing material in all types of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural building applications.

Kiln dried SPF lumber is also used extensively in the manufacturing of prefabricated housing, trusses and other structural components. In addition to producing high quality structural lumber, with a little preparation, SPF can be made into very appealing, economical solid wood furniture.


Structural lumber, trusses, prefabricated housing, exterior decking, preservative treated poles, railway ties, outdoor furniture

Technical Specifications:

SPF lumber is seasoned uniformly in dry kilns to a moisture content of 19% or less. Kiln drying inhibits natural staining of the wood, improves its strength and stiffness, enhances its appearance and increases its resistance to decay and attack by insects.

SPF has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is well known for its outstanding working properties. It takes and holds nails exceptionally well and is easily worked with hand and power tools. It has good gluing, painting and staining properties.

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Q: What is SPF lumber?
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What is the weight of 2 x 8 SPF lumber?


Is spf lumber better than syp lumber?

It is a grad for lumber, but the more important grading is the number it will be SPF number 1 or 2. 2 is the more common grade used for construction etc. Most of your big box stores carry 2 because it is cheaper. The SPF is also so the manufacturer does not have to keep lumber separated by species. Spruce Pine and Fur all are about the same quality and strength. SYP -- Southern Yellow Pine --- is another triple name brand of wood but is actually just one kind of wood

What is the different between spf 15 and spf 30?

spf 30 is for lighter skin

What is the most common pine type used for 2 by 4 blocks of lumber?

Most #2 grade 2 x 4 studs are labeled "SPF" for Spruce, Pine, Fir. The pine is usually Ponderosa Pine.

What type of wood is house lumber made of?

It depends on your location. In the here in the northeast we use spruce. Usually in the south they use Douglas fir. A generic term is SPF (spruce-pine-fir). All of these woods have similar characteristics, and are largely interchangeable for construction purposes. =========================== Douglas Fir is stronger than SPF category. In the southeast we do not use Douglas Fir. We use Southern Yellow Pine for horizontal members. SPF is usually used for studs.

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What is Spruce wood?

Spruce wood is the wood of the spruce tree of which there are a number of varieties, most of which come from North America. Spruce, pine and fir are all members of the pine family and are similar in that they are soft woods of coniferous (evergreen) trees. All are used in framing lumber for house construction; the lumber is often stamped SPF to indicate that it is non-specific spruce, pine or fir.

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How long is the vacation? You are still apt to burn with fair skin if you are using SPF 15 for 7-10 days longer.

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