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What is santas favorite food?

cookies and milk.

What is Hinata's least favorite food?

Her least favorite food is crab/shrimp.

What is Helen Keller's least favorite food?

Mushrooms were Helen's least favorite food.

What is Marge Simpson's least favorite food?

There's been no indication on the show she has a least favorite food.

What is Justin Bieber's least favorite food?

Justin Bieber's least favorite food is Liver. Justin Bieber's hattest food is. Pizza.

What was Hitler's least favorite food?

Jewish food

What is sakura's favorite food?

Sakura Haruno's favorite food is anko(bean paste) dumplings. her least favorite food is anything spicy.

What is Taylor Lautner's least favorite food?

His favorite food is steak... so the opposite of steak?

What lady gagas least favorite food is?

her favorite food is humice and gummy worms lol

Whats Santas favorite plant?

Magnolia Magnolia

Which reindeer is santas favorite?

ruldolph. listen to the song!

What is santas favorite football team?

The Patriots, for sure.

What is Santa favorite elf?

what is santas favourite elf

What is Naruto's least favorite food?


What is Garfield's least favorite food?


What is Italy's least favorite food?


What is Phineas's least favorite food?


What is santas fav food?


What does santas reindeer eat?


What is Amy Lee's least favorite food?

I'm not so sure about what exactly IS her least favorite food but she is deathly allergic to Lobster if she eats it she will go into a coma.

What is victor cruise's least favorite food?

Tuna Fish Sandwiches. Reference: Me: Victor What is your least favorite food? Victor Cruise: Tuna Fish Sandwiches

Whats santas favorite cookies for cristmas?

Chocolate chip!

What is santas favorite elf?

his favourite elf is the sleigh repairman

What is Santas favorite colour?

santas favorite color is red that's why his coat is red but it is also red because he wont be hard to see in a big storm

What is Santa's favorite thing to eat?

santas favorite thing to eat would be cookies and milk