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What is Santa's license plate number?


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December 21, 2014 9:01PM

Hmm, this is a tricky one - but I'll give it a shot. Santa's sleigh is not a vehicle, but an aircraft, so it would actually have an aircraft registration as opposed to a license plate number.

It's commonly believed that Santa lives in Lapland, which is a region of Finland. Finnish aircraft registrations start with the prefix OH and are generally followed by a hyphen and 3 letters.

One would imagine Santa's sleigh to be a rather large and heavy piece of machinery. But, if he manages to fly it around the world in ONE NIGHT, pulled by reindeer, it must be light.

So taking that into perspective, the sleigh would most likely be classed as an Ultralight.

Ultralights registered in Finland have slightly different registrations than run-of-the-mill jets and props. They're in the form OH-Uxxx - the x's being numbers 001 through to 999.

Then again, if the reindeer are not a permanent source of power and the sleigh doesn't have any other way to propel itself, the only other conclusion would be that it's a glider rather than an Ultralight. Glider reg's are the same as ultralight's but minus the U.

In conclusion, the registration of Santa's sleigh would most likely be OH-U or OH- followed by 3 numbers.