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What is Saturn?

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Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system and the sixth in distance from the Sun. It is mostly gaseous with large "rings" of ice and rocks. It has more than 60 moons, the inner ones small and within the ring system. The outer hydrogen atmosphere is very cold, as low as -200 °C. But the small rocky core is heated by presssure to over 11700°C.

Saturn cannot support life because the dense liquid hydrogen has incredibly high pressure at greater depths and may form a mantle of solid hydrogen.

Saturn's orbit is 900 million miles (1.5 billion km) from the sun, compared to Earth at 93 million miles (149 million km), Jupiter at 500 million miles (778 million km), and Uranus (the 'next planet out') at over 1800 million miles (2.9 billion km).

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What do the rings of Saturn do for Saturn?

The rings of Saturn orbits Saturn

Does Saturn have oxeygen?

No Saturn do not have oxygen

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Saturn is spelled Saturn.

What is the fact about Saturn?

Saturn has rings around it which the orbits Saturn.

Why is planet Saturn named Saturn?

Saturn is named after a roman god named saturn

Why was Saturn named Saturn?

because it is farther out then Jupiter Saturn got its name from Saturn a roman god. Saturn was jupiters father

What is the definition word for 'Saturn'?

Saturn is simply named after the Roman God of agriculture "Saturn".

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Is Saturn rocky or gaseous?

Saturn is not a gaseous, Saturn is rocky

How reliable are Saturn Ions?

how reliavle are Saturn ions how reliavle are Saturn ions how reliavle are Saturn ions

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Saturn has precisely 100.0% of gravity on Saturn.

What is the spelling of Saturn?


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Saturn was called Saturn in roman mythology. Saturn in greek myth was called Cronus.

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knock knock whos there? Saturn.. Saturn who? ME!

Why is Saturn named Saturn?

Because it can be called this!! Named after the roman God, Saturn!

How many volcanoes does Saturn have?

There are no volcanoes on Saturn because Saturn is a gas planet.

What is on Saturn?

there is nothing on Saturn but Saturn has an atmosphere of aumonia,methane and water ice

Which planet is between Jupiter and Uranus?

Saturn! ^w^ of course

Does Saturn have a nickname?

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