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Saturns relative size to earth is 4,590 million square km.


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Relative size is an option in the style tab. It means that the size should be relative or correspond to the others.

Relative means" in relation to" or "compared to". Relative size describes how an object appears next to another object. Mt. Rushmore's relative size is huge compared to a mouse. But Rushmore's relative size is very small compared (relative) to the universe.

from the size of a refrigerator to a grain of sand

Relative population size is the size of an area's population as it compares to similar areas' populations. For example, the relative population size of a country would be what rank it had compared to the population of other countries.

Relative to the size of other countries, Yemen is a small or small/medium sized country.

relative size retaining to a map or globe basically means the same... if you had a large grape... and a small grape that were the exzact same size and shape... they would have relative size... only because they are alike...

what are saturns moons name

The term "size" has no sense in this context.

It's about the size of Idaho.

The relative size of Mexico is 761,601-square miles. It is three times the size of the state of Texas. Mexico City is the capital of Mexico.

The barnacle is the animal with the largest penis relative to it's body size. The Argentine blue bill duck is the vertebrate with the largest penis relative to it's body size.

Saturns biggest moon is Titan.

Saturns are junk, take it from me...DO NOT BUY ONE!! Saturns are junk, take it from me...DO NOT BUY ONE!!

'92 Saturns were made with 12 gallon fuel tanks.

it is bigger, much bigger. The atmosphere is different because of the gases that compose it.

It has a population of about 628,306 inhabitants (2010 census). Its relative size is comparable to that of Baltimore, Maryland or Boston, Massachusetts.

saturns moons are a reddish color

saturns ring are made out of ice and rock

Around Saturns equatorial diameter, as has to be the case

its balls are 3 times its size

Antarctica is about the size of USA and Mexico, combined.

saturns rings are made out of rocks ice and dust. it was formed by broken pieces of one of saturns moon. a long time ago one of saturns moon exploded then all of the pieces started orbiting Saturn

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