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Q: What is Secured personal property contract in Cambodia?
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Mortgage on personal property?

Generally, mortgages are for real estate. Liens or secured loans are used for personal property.

Where can one with poor credit get a secured loan?

You can get a secured loan with poor credit online from the Secured Personal Loan Gofo website. However, to get a secured personal loan from companies like this, you may need property or other collateral.

What is the difference between collateral and mortgage?

Typically a mortgage is a loan secured by real property (land!) and collateral is personal property (jewels, bonds, valuables, etc.) used to secure a loan.

Where can one obtain quick secured loans?

The best place to receive quick secured loans is at your local bank, most likely the one in contract with your debit/credit card. Your bank will provide the best and most personal rates and experience.

Is a Line of Credit a secured loan?

Some are secured, some are not. A Home Equity Line of Credit is secured by real estate (a residence or property) A business line of credit may be secured by a stake in the business or lien against equipment or inventory. Business lines may also be unsecured. Personal or "signature" credit lines are unsecured.

What happens for non payment on secured personal loans?

Personal loans

What is the breach of a contract mortgage by lender?

Your mortgage contract has a clause like this:23. Reconveyance: Upon payment of all sums secured by this Security Instrument, Lender shall request Trustee to reconvey the Property and shall surrender this Security Instrument and all notes evidencing debt secured by this Security Instrument to Trustee. Trustee shall reconvey the Property without warranty to the person or persons legally entitled to it.When the mortgage originator sold your note did he do his duty and request the Trustee to reconvey the Property and surrender this Security Instrument and all notes evidencing debt secured by this Security Instrument to Trustee?I don't think so!This is a black and white breach of contract.

What are the rights of the secured creditor?

To receive the proceeds, before others, fom the sale of the secured property.

What is a Lian holder?

I think you mean LIEN (not lian) holder. A lien holder is one (an individual or company) which holds the lien to a secured real or personal property.

What is a home mortgage secured loan backed by?

the property

What can a creditor do if you stop payments on a secured loan that was not reaffirmed?

Repossess or foreclose on the secured property if the agreement is in default.

Can a loan company apply for an order to repossess property it is not secured on?

No they can not, it does have to be a secured ( that's the key word ) debt

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