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It is a brand of canned or evaporated milk. My Mother used to name it in her recipe: Add 1 cup Sego--but we all knew it was the canned milk.
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What is milk?

In short Milk is an white liquid, produced by the mammary glands of female mammals. The most common form of milk is from Cows, however other forms can come from Goats and Soya Beans. Milk contains a significant amount of Calcium, which helps young children develop. More details Milk is an opaq ( Full Answer )

How do you get milk?

Go to the grocery store find the milk section, get a milk, then buy it!

What does milk have in it?

milk may seem like any ordanairy milk but. milk has loads of stuff in it when it comes. out the utter it may be sour that beacase. when the cow eats it travels down to the stomach. and into the utter so milk has the food the cow. eats.

What does milk do for your body?

it doesnt actually grow strong bones it just provides calcium which deters your body from drawing the calcium from your bones which would weaken them. milk basically allows your bones to grow on their own and not be harrassed by your body's need for calcium. Milk does help the body. For example, mil ( Full Answer )

What is the function of milk?

Milk gives a child all the essential nutrients it needs for a healthy body and immune system.

Why is milk bad for you?

because milk contains excess of protien and we don't have kaisin enzyme like kids,due to which it becomes difficult to digest excess of milk

Which is healthy soy milk or milk?

Milk, when you get down to the dirty details. Unfortified soy milkhas much less natural calcium in it than cow's milk does. And whenthe soy milk is fortified, the amount that is added is notregulated and you can get a range of 80 to 500 mg per serving.Studies from Creighton University calculated tha ( Full Answer )

Why is milk called milk?

The English word for mammalian breast secretions (more especially that of cows) is milk, from the Old English milc and the Gothic miluks (similar to Latin mulgere , to milk).

Can you say milks for milk?

Generally, you wouldn't when you are using it as an uncountable noun. It is more correct to count the containers, such as three glasses of milk. If you use milk as a verb, then yes, it is proper to say milks as a singular verb. Example: "John milks the cow each morning."

What about milk?

milk is good for you because it keeps your bones strong and it gives you more muscles.

Can you have milk?

yes you can have milk but if you are lactos and tollerint then i would advise you not to have milk or any dairy food anything with milk in it i would advise the people that are lacktos in toleerint

What are milk and milk products?

milk comes from cows and can be used in all types of stuff it is a liquid the stuff we put in tea to cool it down is milk and when we have cerial..it is a dairy product

Milk Milk Milk What Do Cows Drink?

With this trick question, most people will say "Milk," (which is not true) just for the fun of the questioner catching the questionee off guard. Cows drink water, not milk.

Why is the sego lily Utah's state flower?

Because Utah's schoolchildren picked the flower. It is a beautiful white flower. The Mormon Pioneers ate the bulb of the flower to survive when the food supply was scarce.

Is whole milk a pasturized milk?

Any milk has to be pasteurized if it is going to be sold on retail market. So yes, whole milk has been pasteurized. However. Pasteurization and the wholeness of milk are not directly related. Pasteurization is a heating process used to kill harmful germs found in milk. Whole milk is milk from which ( Full Answer )

What is better cows milk soy milk or hemp milk?

cows milk is the most efficiently metabolized by our bodies. there are also several studies that indicate soy is very taxing on the liver and fluctuates hormone levels. our bodies didnt evolve to digest plant proteins very well which is why so many people are allergic to gluten.

Where does the milk go when a cow is not milked?

The milk gets absorbed back into the cow's system. The first few days of not being milked can be quite discomforting, but it goes away after a few days to a couple weeks.

Can condensed milk into whole milk?

Most often condensed milk is sweetened, so no, you cannot make it back into whole milk. However, powdered milk can be made back.

Analysis of milk and milk products?

I work as a Lab Tech in the milk industry in Australia. The milk industry is heavily regulated, as is most industries involving food. We test Farm vats, milk tankers, our own milk vats, every step of production, and of course the end product. The most common analysis on milk and milk products ar ( Full Answer )

Why does milk have carbon in it?

It's more or less about the reason it contains carbon so that the fat in the milk does not mix with the carbon.

How does calcium get into milk?

Calcium is already inside of the milk, it doesn't get put in. From the time milk is produced inside of the cow, it has calcium in it.

Is soy milk in the milk group?

Soy milk is not a dairy product, but for nutritional purposes, most of it is fortified to have the same values. You can use it to fill your dairy needs in a vegetarian or vegan diet.

What are facts about milk and milk production?

One interesting fact is that a cow, like all female mammals including humans, does not give milk until it has been pregnant. In the old days all small dairy farms kept a bull for the purpose of impregnating the cows so they would produce milk. Once they start, they will produce indefinitely so long ( Full Answer )

How did the Sego Lily become Utah's state flower?

the people made it there floer duhh after the crickets ate the Utah's peoples crops people learned to dig the root of the Sega lily and ate it after there crops had grown back they decided to make it there state flower

Who do milk producers take the milk to?

Milk producers truck the milk to bottlers/distributors, usually in 20,000 gallon tanks. The bottler stores the milk in a silo for a short period of time until a production run for bottling. Then the milk is loaded in a truck and delivered to your neighborhood store.

Where do you get milk from?

Cows make milk from eating grass. Then when the cow is milked the milk is processed by the dairy factory who then sells it to the shops such as our dairy or our supermarket

Why is soy milk a milk?

Some people drink soy milk because they are allergic to the milk that is dairy.

Is fresh milk whole milk?

of course it is because, A whole milk is Fresh from the cow, with nothing added or taken away and generally unpasteurized. Whole milk is naturally rich in a range of nutrients needed for growth, development and maintenance of the human body and has no artificial preservatives or colorings. ...

What to do with cow's milk after milking the cow?

You could drink it, churn it into butter or cheese, make ice cream from it, give it to some calves you are looking after, sell it to other people, etc. Also, it goes great with strawberries and bananas tossed into the blender.

Is soy milk milk?

no because soy milk is now called soy beverage. soy beverage is made out of the soy plant, so it is not milk because milk is from cows.

How does milk get from a cow into milk bottles?

People who work on farms squeeze the utters of a cow to get the milk to go into a bucket. Then the buckets are transported to a factory to get purified for us to drink. well the milk is stored in the utters so the farmer sqeezes the milk from the utters into the bucket,Next once it's in the bucket d ( Full Answer )

Does evaporated milk plus condensed milk equal milk?

Evaporated milk plus water equals milk. It is reconstituted by combining a 12 oz. can of evaporated milk with 12 ounces of water. If you mean sweetened condensed milk, it is condensed and highly sweetened and is usually used in cooking for fruit salads, cream-type pies, etc. In the 1950's baby for ( Full Answer )

Is goat milk silk milk?

if they are the ones genetically engineered with spider genes... seriously, i learned this in science. they take the spider silk genes and somehow make it so the silk comes out in the milk. the resulting silk is extremely durable and cheap to extract. they can use it for making bulletproof vests for ( Full Answer )

How can milk be milk?

milk can be milk by milking cows. Nuts; Milk is a fatty / protein fluid produced by the mammary gland in the female (yes you guessed it) mammals. All mammals. Goats give goat milk with goat fat molecules, ewes give ewe milk, mares give mare milk, bovines give bovine milk, and that's what y ( Full Answer )

What if you have no milk?

then i would not advise eating cookies or you will feel like a part of you has died on the inside.

What you get from milk?

Ostensibly Omega 3 and vitamin D, protein, carbohydrates, calcium,enzymes, and probiotics; however, CAFO milk, being pasteurized, hasno enzymes or probiotics left in it, and homogenization renders thecalcium--which is not very bio-available anyway--into "shards"which most likely cause scarring of th ( Full Answer )

Is milk powder as good as milk?

Milk powder is not as good as real milk, becausewhen people are making milk powder they're adding unessentialvitamins, and minerals that we don't need. Real milk is good for you because its natural, and it's made by cows,not by machines, and factories.

What do people put in milk when the milk is in a milk factory?

Usually the only thing added to milk is Vitamin D. For some milk lactobacillus is added to reduce the amount of milksugar (lactose). To make cheeses acid, rennet, or various bacteria are added. The fat is removed from milk to make cream and low fat milk.