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What is Sets?

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A collected of well defined objects is called a set.

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What are the different kinds of sets?

There 8 different types of sets:Finite and Infinite setsEmpty setsSingleton setsEquivalent setsEqual setsIntersecting, Overlapping or Joint setsDisjoint setsThere are 2 more sets in the 8th sets:8. Universal set, Supersets and SubsetsProper SubsetsComplement of a setj

What is the two kind of sets?

Closed sets and open sets, or finite and infinite sets.

What is a mathematical process in which sets are combined?

The union of two sets.The union of two sets.The union of two sets.The union of two sets.

Are equivalent sets equal sets why?

No, because equivalent sets are sets that have the SAME cardinality but equal sets are sets that all their elements are precisely the SAME. example: A={a,b,c} and B={1,2,3} equivalent sets C={1,2,3} and D={1,2,3} equal sets

What are joint and disjoint sets?

Joint sets are sets with common element/s. Disjoint sets are sets without any common element/s.

What is the combination of two sets?

The combination of two sets is the Union of the sets and contains all the elements of both sets.

What is the symbol for joint sets?

There is no such symbol for joint sets. Actually, there is a representation for joint sets. That is: The sets are joint if A ∩ B is not empty. The sets are disjoint if A ∩ B is empty.

How many 50cm x 50cm tiles to cover 8m x 30m?

firstly, 1 metre is 2 sets of 50cm 2m=4 sets of 50cm 3m=6 sets of 50cm 4m=8 sets of 50cm 5m=10 sets of 50cm 6m=12 sets of 50cm 7m=14 sets of 50cm 8m=16 sets of 50cm 9m=18 sets of 50cm 10m=20 sets of 50cm 11m=22 sets of 50cm 12m=24 sets of 50cm 13m=26 sets of 50cm 14m=28 sets of 50cm 15m=30 sets of 50cm 16m=32 sets of 50cm 17m=34 sets of 50cm 18m=36 sets of 50cm 19m=38 sets of 50cm 20m=40 sets of 50cm 21m=42 sets of 50cm 22m=44 sets of 50cm 23m=46 sets of 50cm 24m=48 sets of 50cm 25m=50 sets of 50cm 26m=52 sets of 50cm 27m=54 sets of 50cm 28m=56 sets of 50cm 29m=58 sets of 50cm 30m=60 sets of 50cm if the measurements are 8 by 30 metres, this means that the area is covered by 16 times 60 amount of tiles which is the amount of 960 tiles altogether Source: A successful Graduate of Cambridge University

Does Philosophy sell gift sets?

Philosophy sells gifts sets for range of budgets. These are often the same scent or in sets of complimentary sets. These sets are sometimes themed by occasion.

What is a sentence using the word sets?

I like the way she sets the table. I have three chess sets. That boat sets high on the water.

What is an abnormality where there are extra complete multiples of chromo sets?

Cells go by the number of sets that are in the body. Like haploid has one set, diploid has 2 sets, triploid has three sets, tetraploid has four sets, pentaploid has five sets and polyploidy is for three or more sets of chromosomes.

What are kind of set?

There are finite sets, countably infinite sets and uncountably infinite sets.

How do you find the union of two sets?

The Union of those sets is called combining all the elements of any two sets.In the union of sets, element is written only once even if they exist in both the sets.Union of two sets is commutative i.e. if A and B are two sets, then A ∪ B = B ∪ AUnion of sets is also associative. If A, B, and C are three sets, then A ∪ (B ∪ C) = (A ∪ B) ∪ C

Operations of sets?

operations of sets in algebra

What does sets training mean?

Sets training.

Equal sets can be joint sets?

Yes, they can be

How many sets do they do in volleyball?

12 sets.

What is sets in math?

Sets are collections of objects.

How useful are sets in your daily life?

Sets of what?

Definition of joint sets?

joint sets

How many sets are in a standard tennis match?

Male players need three sets to win (best of five sets). Female players need two sets to win (best of three sets).

What are the lectures of college algebra about sets?

Lectures of college algebra about sets could include: * Describing sets * Relationship between sets * Basic operation in sets * Solving problems using Venn diagram

How many sets in a volleyball game?

international games: 4 sets 25 points basis 5 sets if a draw. 5th sets will be on 15 point basis the other 4 sets 25points basis

Where can you buy LEGO halo sets?

There is no Lego Halo, so there will not be Lego Halo sets. You can buy fan made sets, but there are no official sets. eBay is a great place to buy custom Lego sets and minifigures.

What is the name of those hot wheels sets with pices of road and sets like a city?

City Sets