What is Shakira's most recent album?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: What is Shakira's most recent album?
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What is Jay-Z's most recent album?

The Blueprint 3 is his most recent album.

When was Shakiras first album?

Magia was released in 1991

What was Shakiras first album?

Shakira´s first album was "Magia". This album was released only in LP and is out of order actually.

What is Justin biebers most recent album?

Justin Bieber's most recent album is Under the Mistletoe, which he released in late 2011.

What is emenim's most recent album?


What is Jason Aldean's new album?

His most recent album is My Kinda Party.

What Beyonce most recent album?

I Am... Sasha Fierce

What is Enrique Iglesias's most recent CD?

Enrique Iglesia's recent album came out, July 5, 2010; which is his 9th album.

What is the most recent album by All Time Low?

The most recent album by All Time Low was Don't Panic. This was their fith album and includes tracks such as The Reckless and the Brave. Outlines is another track.

What is Tool's most recent album?

Tool's most resent album is 10 000 days released in 2006.

What is iron maidens most recent album?

Their most recent album was Flight 666, and was a live album with songs throughout the world tour in 2008/09. The one before that is called A matter of life and death

What is good charlottes most recent album?

greatest mixes