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What is Sharon G Flake's biography that talks about her life?

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What has the author Sharon Claudette Smith written?

Sharon Claudette Smith has written: 'Southport' -- subject(s): Community life, History, Pictorial works, Biography, Social life and customs

Is Sharon Case pregnant in real life?

Is Sharon case pregnant in real life

What has the author Sharon A Roger Hepburn written?

Sharon A. Roger Hepburn has written: 'Crossing the border' -- subject(s): African Americans, Biography, Black Pioneers, Blacks, Community life, Free African Americans, History, Immigrants, Pioneers, Black

What do you call a book on someone's life?

A book about someone's' life is a biography.

What is a biography book about?

A biography is an account of somebody's life

What does Biorgraphy mean?

A biography is a detailed report on someones life, usually published in a book or movie. An autobiography is a self made biography. Ex. if you were to make a biography on your life, it would be an autobiography. If you were making a biography on George Washington's life, it would be a biography.

What is the synonym and antynonym of biography?

Synonyms for biography are life story, life history, and memoir.It is hard to find an antonyms for biography but a biography should not be a work of fiction or fantasy.

What are some personal backgrounds of Sharon creech?

what are some important event in sharon creech life

How is an autobiography different from a biography?

A biography is about the life of a person. An autobiography is a biography written by the person it is about.

How is an biography different from an autobiography?

Biography is when I write the story of your life. Autobiography is when YOU write the story of your life.

What does the word biography mean?

A biography is the story of someone's life.

What is a synonym for biography?

A synonym for biography (a life story) is memoir.

What is a biography used for?

A biography is used for telling about people's life.

What dates are in a biography?

Significant ones in the life of the subject of the biography

What does biography mean?

A biography is a work written about a person and his or her life.

Is Sharon Jordan on the suite life on deck?


Is this her really life story that she talks about?

Who is 'she'?

What has the author Sharon R Berry written?

Sharon R. Berry has written: 'Future quest' -- subject(s): Christian life, Religious life, Youth

What has the author Sharon A Murphy written?

Sharon A. Murphy has written: 'Investing in life' -- subject(s): Life insurance, Insurance companies, Economic conditions, History

What is the different between autobiography and biography?

A biography is the story of one person's life. An autobiography is a biography told by the person to whom the biography is about.

What is a biography that is mainly about one part of the subject's life?

A partial biography

What is the definition for biography?

Biography is basically the life story over someone.

What kind of book is a biography?

A biography is a detailed account of someone's life.

An biography looks at the subject's entire life while an biography looks at only part of a life?

complete; partial

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