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What is Shawn Michels?

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Shawn Michaels was a w.w.e wrestler.

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How old is Shawn michels?

Shawn michels is 44 years old

Can Shawn Michels beat the undertaker?

No Shawn michels has never beat the undertaker and i know he can never beat him.

Where did Shawn Michels go to?

Shawn Went Into Retirement.

Is shawn michels gay?

NO he is married

Is Shawn Michels a christian?


Did Shawn Michaels break his arm?

Yes Shawn Michels did break his arm.

How old Shawn Michels?

He is 44 years old...

What year did Shawn Michels WWE retired?


How goose Shawn Michels song?

Just look on

Will Shawn Michels lose his carier?

its all fake anyway

When Shawn Michels is expected to return?

Shawn Michaels retired at Wrestlemania 26 and he is never coming back.

Why did Shawn Michels leave WWE?

To spend more time with his family .

Who is raws new gm?

i think it is triple h or Shawn michels

What was Shawn Michels signature move WWE?

Sweet Chin music

Why did dx leave WWE?

because Shawn michels was playing match with the undertaker

How do you deafeat Shawn Michels with chriss jerico?

its imposable to bet Shawn Michael's but jerico u cued poke to beat hem

How long was the undertaker and Shawn michels Match at WrestleMania 25?

It lasted not too long

Is dx comeing back?

I think, its just Shawn michels is gone because of undertaker, but triple h and Shawn are still best friends.

Who is the new gm for raw?

I think it is tripe h or Shawn michels or dx it is Shane McMahon

Is Shawn Michels going to wrestle again?

I don't know if Shawn Michaels is going to wrestle again i haven't heard any thing that he's not going to.

Who won the 2004 hel in the cell blood bayh Shawn michels or Triple H?

HHH with a pedigree

Is Shawn Michels carer over?

yes, his career was over at wrestlemania 26, bcoz of the undertaker.... it was a match called career vs streak.... undertaker's undefeated streak and michels career on the line....

Did win Shawn Michels at WrestleMania XXXVI?

no undertaker won and now undertaker s streak is 18- 0

Did Shawn Michels quit WWE?

yes he quited wwe because he is very very old 45 years old

What are the predictions for westlemania 26 WWE?

One of them is undertaker vs chirs jerico and triple h vs Shawn michels