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A sim free mobile is a mobile phone that can be bought which is unlocked to any network. i.e: can be used on any network, and not specifically one eg; o2. ~ AshJordan

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Q: What is Sim free mobile?
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What is the best deal on SIM free mobile phones?

The best deal on a SIM free mobile phone is free, from letstalk. Free is a good price for a SIM free mobile phone all you have to do is pay for shipping.

What does sim free mean on mobile phone?

It means it doesn't require a SIM card

Where can someone purchase a sim free mobile phone?

Vodafone will give you a range of sim free mobile phones all you have to do is go to their website click phones and then go to the drop down box and select no sim.

What options are available for sim free mobile phones?

There are many mobile phones that do not require a SIM card, it depends on the service provider. Any phones from Sprint and Verizon do not use SIM cards.

What is SIM Free Mobile Phone?

These are the cell phones that don't use sim cards, very common with Verizon phones.

Can you use another service provider sim card in your vodafone mobile connect card?

Only if your phone is sim free.

Can you get a new mobile Sim card for free if you lose an existing one?


Sim unlock code for t mobile?

The sim unlock code for T-Mobile can be got from wherein it requires the user to specify the mobile manufacturer,model,country and network to which the mobile is locked to...One can get free unlock instructions along with the unlock code.

Does the O2 mobile phone service have plans that allow for free texts?

Mobile phone service O2 offers free texts, some unlimited, in many of its Pay and Go and Pay Monthly tariffs. Free texts are available with both the Sim only and Phone and Sim deals.

Where can you buy a sim free iPhone 4S?

You can purchase a sim free (unlocked) iPhone either direct from the apple website or any other good mobile phone stockist or retailer.

What exactly is orange sim?

"An orange sim means nothing, but an Orange SIM card is a pay as you go type of card. Orange is a mobile phone service company, and according to their website, a sim card is free."

What is the price of a mobile phone?

You have to be more specific as to what type of phone, and with or without contracts. If you go to buy mobile with contract the you get most of mobile free but if you buy PAYG or Sim Free mobile then you pay actual price of mobile. So its on you that which phone you want and what plan you need.

How do you you save contact numbers from a one mobile to another mobile?

Copy them on SIM card, then from SIM card on another mobile.

Does boost mobile use sim cards?

Yes Boost Mobile does use SIM cards.

Where can Verizon customers find sim free mobile phones?

Verizon offers several phones that are SIM free and run on the CDMA network, such as several basic Samsung and LG models. In order to find a SIM free phone, it may be best to talk to a Verizon sales representative.

How much does a tmobile sim card cost?

T-Mobile sim cards come packaged with certain phones, or can be purchased for $9.99. They are also available free through the T-Mobile website with a 2-year contract.

What are the benefits of dual sim mobile phones?

Benefits of dual sim mobile phones are that you can take advantage of different pricing plans, and save on mobile data usage. Sim mobile phones are also very affordable.

Can you put a boost mobile sim card in a blackberry?

Can you put a boost mobile sim card in a blackberry?

Can you connect a blackberry storm with simple mobile SIM?

can i connect a blackberry storm with simple mobile sim

Mobile Sim Ki Full Form?


How do you fix no Sim mode on mobile phones?

by putting out the sim

Is a sim card for iPad the same as a sim card for a mobile?


How much are sim cards at t-mobile?

$20 The most they cost in the UK is £1 but you can normally pick them up free of charge from the providers website.

Virgin mobile sim cards?

Yes, Virgin Mobile now uses the sim cards on new phones.

Do the Boost mobile Android phones have sim cards they have to enter into them?

No, Sim card not used in Boost Mobile Android.