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slang for excellent can be put into any word it depends on your style but im 15 so me and my friends would say the following "thass wassup" "thass the buisness" "that was on point" or "that goes hard

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Q: What is Slang for excellent?
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What does nang mean?

It's slang for excellent or cool.

What is another word for to die for?

(Slang) wonderful, great, excellent (e.g.: "Her food is excellent, it is to die for")

What are some slang terms for excellent?

Rad Tops Ace Rockin'

What is American slang word for excellent?

Rockin', choice, sweet, top-shelf

What is a slang for cool?

Cool IS slang. It means very good or excellent.Some synonyms for cool would be awesome, bitching, beast, or fantabulous.

What does the bee's knees mean?

This is an old (1920's) slang term that means "excellent."

What is the opposite of awesome?

The slang use of the word (great, excellent) has the slang opposite "lame." The original use (causing awe) would have the opposite unimpressive or unexciting.

What is a slang term for killer?

Slang terms for killers include:ExterminatorGun for hireHatchet manIcer, icemanSandmanUndertakerWhackerSlang meanings for the word killer include:AwesomeExcellentGroovy

What is the slang definition of cool?

excellent, very good , it also refers to that if you are so popular and good.

What does sick mean?

The adjective sick means ill, or unhealthy. The slang use is to mean cool, or excellent.

What is the difference between phat and fat?

Phat is slang for amazing, excellent etc. Fat is an oily substance.

What word is slang for excellent?

Awesome, for one. Stellar, is another one. Fantastic, Sweet, Great, Aces, Grand....

Etymology Its a gas?

"slang meaning "something exciting or excellent" first attested 1953, from earlier hepster slang gasser in the same sense (1944)" from

Is banging a verb?

Yes. It can also be an adjective.Verb: Present participle of "bang".Adjective: Slang term meaning "excellent".

What does the word brilliant mean?

1. smart, intelligent 2. luminous, brightly shining 3. (English slang) awesome, excellent

Is fantabulous a word?

Yes, fantabulous is a word. It's considered a slang word that means something extremely desirable, excellent or wonderful.

What does kooshty mean?

Cushty is Cockney (East London) slang for "very good, excellent". It comes from the Romany word Kushti, which means good.

What is the origin of the British slang 'top hole'?

Recorded in the early 1900's to mean 'the best or excellent'. no recorded explanation for the origin

What is the origin of cool beans?

Cool beans means, "sweet" or "excellent" and "great". It started in the US from college slang in the 1970's. It could also be an updating of the expression from the 1850's of "some beans," which meant "excellent" or "awesome".

Is there an Aussie slang for excellent?

Beauty (pronounced bewdy), grouse or bonza. Any of these can mean that the state of affairs is better than average up to first class.

Where does the word spiffing originate from?

It seems to be 19th century slang, from "spiffy" = neat, spruced up, well dressed. Spiffing came to mean "excellent" in the 1870s.

What is slang for knees Wheels are slang for feet?

Dogs is slang for feet.Wheels is slang for car.

What does the cowboy slang 'rattling' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This means jolly, excellent, or smart. You'd have a rattling good time at the circus.

Is slang rude?

No, not necessarily. Some slang can be, but most slang is not.

What is slang for can?

The slang for can is ''diddy''