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What is Spider-Man's suit webbing made of in the movies?

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It's animated.

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How does Spider-Man get his web out through his suit?

In the comic books Spiderman either wears his "webshooters" outside of his suit, or has small holes in the wrists of his suit. This allows him to shoot webbing all the while having his suit on to protect his identity.

Is there meaning to uma thurman's yellow suit in the kill bill movies?

Yes, there is meaning to UMA Turman's yellow suit in the kill bill movies.

Is iron mans suit made of copper?

Ironman's suit is not made of copper.

What is spider man's suit made out of?

spider man's suit is made out of a leather jacket

What is master chiefs suit made of?

his suit is made of one ton of titanium and other hard minerals

What is the calvin klein suit made of?

The Calvin Klein Black Pinstripe Wool Suit is made of wool.

How did Brenda Song get famous?

she plays in suit life on deck and other movies.

What is Batman's suit made of in the movies?

The bodysuit is made of hardened kevlar plates on titanium-dipped tri-weave fibers and is broken into multiple pieces of armor over a more flexible bodysuit for greater mobility.

How do you get movies on iTunes?

You must go on itunes then click on store> Movies and search for a movie to suit your choice. movies range from around $18 to $21.99. You can also buy or rent movies from iTunes Store.

Who made the first fireproof suit?

DuPont made the first fireproof suit in 1960 and it was available on the market in 1967.

What is the difference between tailor-made and customize?

Tailor-maid is usually a suit that the tailor takes your measurements and makes a suit especially made for you and your own body, from scratch. Costumize is when you take an already made suit and you make some adjustnments to suit you.

Who invented or made the space suit?

The inventor of the space suit was Zachery Hansen.

What sorts of movies are available from Dans Movies?

Dans Movies is a pornographic online streaming website. It features a variety of different channels to suit viewers tastes, and advertises them as uncensored and free.

What does a space suit look like?

a space suit is made up of metal and is shiny........!....!!

What materials is a firefighters suit made from?

what is a fireman's suite made from

How do you use the word suit in a sentence?

there was a suit inside he court or my father has a very expensive suit. hope this helped you...made by nicole :)

Is Ashely Tisdale only In Disney movies?

No, she's also in Suit life of Zack and Cody

Is Debby Ryan quitting suit life on deck?

no she just had to get off for a while because she had movies to do.

How do you spell Santa Claus?

The big guy in the bright red suit is "Santa Claus". The series of movies are the "Santa Clause" movies, which are a play on the word "clause".

How long is the process of having a suit custom made?

The length or time of having a suit custom made ranges from 8 to 10 weeks.

Who made the ghille suit?

ang gumawa ng ghille suit ay ang malilibog

What is a safari suit?

A safari suit is a suit, typically made of khaki cotton, consisting of a safari jacket and trousers, used for outdoor activity.

Who sells the batman suit from the movies?

i really is just a shirt but by technology they make it look like a costume !!!!!!

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