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Spongebob is an outgoing, always happy sponge. He is very easygoing so he is rarely mad at anyone.

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Who is behind SpongeBobs voice?

the person behind spongebobs voice is Tom Kenny

What was babe Ruth's personality like personality like?

Babe's personality was like a jumping cow!

What are some cheat codes for nick.com?

one is for spongebobs camping game its cheeks and for spongebobs big adventures its jellybean

How do you spell Sponge Bob's laugh?

spongebobs laugh spells like (baa baa baaba)

What is personality?

Personality is what you act like.

What is a good personality?

A good personality is a personality that I like. It may be the same for you.

What is SpongeBobs birth date?

it was when the first show of it

What is SpongeBobs age?

23 this was written in 2009

What is SpongeBobs favorite number?

What kind of question is that?

Who were SpongeBobs parents?

Harold and Clair SquarePants .

What is multicelular?

Multicellular is spongebobs best friend

Do you like SpongeBobs pance?

I love spongebob to death. I am kind of obsessive (Not really) but I hope they don't cancel it anytime soon. :(

What do you do after you rescue SpongeBobs friends in SpongeBobs big aventure?

You assemble them in the Krusty Krab (they will just follow you if you go in the right direction) and then receive further instruction.

What was Haydn's personality like?

his personality was musicail an bad

Why does Nick Jones like miley?

hey may like her personality like hes famouse shes famous he likes her personality she likes his personality........so on.......

What was Marquis de Lafayette personality like?

what was marquis de lafayette's personality like

How do you beat karens game in spongebobs big adventures?

It is played like ping pong (table tennis), and you have to win 7 rounds.

What are spongbobs parents?

Spongebobs parents are sponges too.

When is SpongeBobs birthday?

Spongebob's birthday is on July 14

What is SpongeBobs mum called?

Just Mrs . SquarePants .

What is SpongeBobs rents names?

Harold and Mrs. SquarePants

What is SpongeBobs middle namr?

spongebob marian Squarpants

What are the names of spongebobs parents?

Harold and Clair SquarePants .

What color are Spongbob's eyes?

Spongebobs eyes are Blue.... ; )

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