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What is Stardoll?

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Stardoll is the largest online community for girls and guys who love fashion, shopping, decorating, creativity, and making new friends from around the world. Members create their own MeDoll avatar, go shopping, dress up, decorate their suite, express themselves creatively and socialize with each other.

Make Your own Me doll:

  • It can look like you or whoever you want to be!
  • Totally unique, over 60 billion possible variations!
  • Decorate your suite!

Go shopping! Dress up!
  • Shop for clothes at StarPlaza!
  • Always the latest fashions!
  • Express your style, or try something entirely new!
Decorate your suite!
  • Create your fantasy home!
  • Thousands of items to choose from!
  • Invite your friends to visit you!
Make new friends!
  • Members from 200 countries!
  • Chat and create clubs!
  • Show off your style!
Become a Superstar!
  • Shop at DKNY and Sephora!
  • Get Stardollars!
  • Design and sell your own fashions!

Hi, stardoll is a website where you can: dress up celebrities! become a member you can create a medoll which looks like you. get 25 free stardollars (kinda like coins!) be a superstar for £4.49 each month! make new friends. go to the starplaza and buy cool clothes! have a suite which you decorate with furniture when ur a super star! make a club when you have over 200 starpoints (be a superstar and u can have 3 clubs) have 3 friends when your a member (33 when your a superstar!) have an album u can save up to 10 dolls (30 when your superstar!) Weblink is

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What is the stardoll e?

its a stardoll you can make it on stardoll ,com from england

How do you get 1000 stardollars on stardoll for free?

how do you get 1000 stardoll stardoll for free

Where is there a shop with stardoll in?

click on to brands at the top and click the stardoll or stardoll archieve

What happens if you cheat on stardoll?

your can't cheat on stardoll add me on stardoll superjosh1234

How do you get message from other websites on stardoll?

Umm.... you don't- stardoll is only connected WITH stardoll- it's not like an Email. you get messages from stardoll friends and stardoll admin- that's it. -Kiki7324

How do you say stardoll in french?


Who is the bestist on stardoll?

There is no "bestist" on stardoll.

Where is the Oktoberfest dress on stardoll?

ON stardoll

Does Britney Spears have a Stardoll?

No I don't have a stardoll but my sister Jamie has. Her stardoll username is Pepperrox17.

What is Alesha Dixon's stardoll user name?

Her stardoll username is RC_Alesha From Stardoll staff

Who created Stardoll even before it became Stardoll?

liisa wrang created stardoll

Who was the first miss stardoll world on stardoll?

the first miss stardoll world was Perlice2.

Does zendaya play stardoll?

no no no ok zendaya does not play stardoll zendaya does not have a stardoll ok

Who is the richest girl on stardoll?

rihon is the richest girl on stardoll her mother ownes stardoll

What is Mitchel Musso's Stardoll?

Hello! This is Kaylee of the RC department in Stardoll.I have confirmed that Mitchel Musso's Stardoll is MitchMusso and MitchelMusso594 I do have Stardoll which is XX.PoserFinder.

What is hailie jades stardoll?

She dose not have stardoll

How do you complete the tasks on stardoll?

there are no "tasks" on stardoll

Does Kesha have a stardoll?

No, she doesn't have a stardoll account.

What level is Bella Thorne in stardoll?

she does not have a stardoll .

Where was stardoll made in?

Stardoll was made in Switzerland.

Where is the cinema on stardoll?

go on the stardoll magazine and scroll down and it should say 'stardoll cinema'

What is the Stardoll Stamp on and how do you use it?

THIS IS ALL THE PEOPLE ON STARDOLL... Stardoll stamp is a cheat, it does not work!

How do you breastfeed your child on stardoll?

You can't. The babies on Stardoll are for decoration, nothing more. -nikkiiGOESrawr on Stardoll

When was stardoll made?

Stardoll first appeared as a site called Paper Doll Heaven in 2004. Then in 2006 stardoll was created. Stardoll is a Swedish game/website.

Who is the real owner of stardoll?

the owner of stardoll is liisa wrang but her daughter is juliette her stardoll name is rihon