What is Steve Jobs favourite colour?

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Steve once described flursch as "sort of like how you see purple but not exactly purple.
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What is Miley Cyrus's favourite colour?

Miley Cyrus's favorite colors, as she herself said on the Oprah Winfrey show, are lime green and purple. See the Related Links below for the original interview.

What is Vanessa Carlton's favourite colour?

Vanessa Carlton is a singer and a musician. She studied ballet butdecided to pursue a musical career. She made her debut in 2002, buther favorite color is not mentioned.

What is girls aloud favourite colour?

I'm not sure about all of the girls and I only know this from when they were on Top of the Pops in 2005, so it's most probably changed now but Sarah's is Purple, Kimberley's is Pink, Nadine's is yellow and Cheryl says "Anything that sparkles really!" As for Nicola, she didn't say.

What is Michelle Kwan's favourite colour?

to me Michelle kwans favorie color is red or blue or mabey both cause the both fit her way of style. Snowflakeia: Her favorite color is turquoise

What is Pete Wentz favourite colour?

His favorite color is black and white... I know this because I asked him while he was answering questions on Z100.com His fav animal... Zebra. ;D

Who was Freddie Mercury's favourite colour?

As mentioned in the infamous Brian May interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Freddie's favorite color was maroon. According to legend, Freddie Mercury wore the same pair of maroon underwear on stage for every show of Queen's 1975 world tour. The song "You're My Best Friend" on A Night at the Opera ( Full Answer )

What is Nikki reed's favourite colour?

Nikki really likes the color green, because she loves nature and animals, she thinks its refreshing and bring character to images

What is Ronald Weasley's favourite colour?

It is unknown, the only thing we know is that he hates maroon. It could possibly be Orange as Harry noted that Ron's room was a"violent shade of Orange", the same color of his favorite Quidditchteam.

What is Prince Williams favourite colour?

When asked on his first official tour of Canada by a young person in the crowd what the Duke and Duchess' favorite colors were, William replied he didn't have one and Kate said hers was probably white. While on BBC Children's program he did say he preferred Blue, he gave his list of favorite thing ( Full Answer )

What is Jacob Black's favourite colour?

For the character Jacob, I don't know what his favorite color is. Taylor Lautner, the person that plays Jacob in the movies, his favorite color is blue.

What is one directions favourite colour?

Liam - Purple Niall - Green Zayn - Red Louis - Red Harry - Orange These are the correct colors from the smash hits 1D special annual2013 Hope you enjoy!!

What is Liam Payne favourite colour?

blue but, some sources like when you search Liam Payne Squidoo it'll says purple. I think purple. Becuase, Harry Styles like blue. :)

What are one directions favourite colours?

harry-yellow zayn-green liam-red louis-pink niall-green ^^ Wrong! harry- Orange Zayn- Blue Liam- Purple Louis- red Niall- Green :) ^^Wrong!:P Niall:Blue(: ^^^^WRONG NIALL: GREEN yep nialls favourite colour is green nope nialls favourite colour is blue xxx ( i ( Full Answer )

What is the veronicas favourite colour?

Jess: My favorite colors are black, white, red, pink, and all different shades of red and pink- like dark red, blood red, or orangey red. We like, candy, like baby-doll pink. Lisa: I like soft pinks, greens, and purple. I like yellow too. Every color. We really like strong primary colors. Jess: I ( Full Answer )

What is sin cara favourite colour?

Maybe blue, cose hi ring name was Azul too, and it means " blue". And maybe red, cose, he's wearing red suits. He's best high flyer in the wwe, also world.

What is Steves Jobs favourite product?

For a long time it was the Mac. The 1984 one. "The Mac is the expression of his creativity, and Apple as a whole is an expression of Steve." - Larry Ellison It is debatable, but it seems like the iPhone/iPad became the new personal favorites.

What is Edmund barton's favourite colour?

There are a number of listings on the Web for Edmund Barton, including a former Prime Minister of Australia and an artist. I would need to know which Edmund Barton you are interested in to answer your question properly.

What is super junior favourite colour?

Leeteuk:white best,blue,black and red Heechul:pink,red,white and black Hangeng:black Siwon:black and white Yesung:black,white and red Sungmin:black,white,yellow and pink Kangin:white ShinDong:purple Eunhyuk:white,blue and brown Donghae:blue,red and white Ryeowook:purple Kibum:white Kyuhyun:possibly ( Full Answer )

What is Yohan Blake's favourite colour?

He is the best and if you are reading this yohan Blake please reply and his favorite color is yellow and what age did you start runing thanks for reading guys see yaaa

What are Bridgit medlers favourite colours?

Hi I'm secret bloger I'm here 2 tell u I went to London. Extremely cool. Nobody horrible. The tube is great its like the subway but its not. You have got go Americans and Jamaicans Indians and more. Like the queens palace is not very impressing though. It is awesome and I'm going again s ( Full Answer )

What is favourite colour of Anushka sen?

Baal Veer lives undercover as the human boy Ballu who is closefriends are the human children Manav (Rudra Soni) and Meher(Anushka Sen).

What is favourite colour of Rowan atkinson?

Rowan Atkinson started to act While studying for a Master's degreeat Oxford University. He fell in love with acting and comedy andjoined an amateur theatre.