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What is Swastika?

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Su - Well, good + asti - to be

In Sanskrit, Suastika means 'well being'. (Clockwise motion)

Swa- destruction by fire + asti- to be

The paradoxical existence as anti- matter in the void(counter clock motion)

Suastika/Swastika is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles, either facing left or right.

The symbol is more than 3,000 years old. It is found in many cultures through out the world. In Hopi civilization it represents the progressive sun and life in well being in clock wise motion.

In the Indus valley civilization the Suastika seal (clockwise motion) was a permit to exit the city during day, while the Swastika seal(counterclock wise motion) was a permit to enter after sunset.

In Hinduism, it is associated with the 'Vishnu Chakra' on the right forefinger of Lord Vishnu as symbolic of the macro-cosmic spiral galaxy in constant progressive in expansion in clock wise motion .

The counterclockwise motion swastika to evoke the 'shakti' is unfortunately erroneously used by modern neo pandits without knowledge of the true significance of the type of Suastika to be used in aspicious occasions in marriages or rituals. The counter clock wise motion Swastika is used by tantrics in rituals of sacrifices to appease 'shakti'.

Hitler too selected the tantric aryan counter clock wise motion Swastika to evoke 'power & destruction' by the tantric rituals of human sacrifice to gain power by destruction.

The Semi voluntary force:

This is a status quo maintaining force and thus it keeps the muscle tone of the body within two limits. The graph of variation of muscle tone would be in the form of a s-shaped wave or a mirror image shaped sinusoidal wave .

Vishnu is symbolic of this force and thus he is supposed to be the preserver.

The Muscles of facial expression:

Extending from each angle of our mouth are two pairs of muscles.

The vertical pair is associated with sensation (Pleasure and displeasure) and the horizontal pair with movement (Fear and anger). The two pairs thus cross each other at the angles of our mouth.

Pleasure is a positive emotion and thus it increases the muscle tone of our body from 50% to 100%. Displeasure, being a negative emotion, reduces the muscle tone from 50% to 0%. Thus, together they produce an s-shaped or sinusoidal wave.

For the same reason, motor emotions too produce an s-shaped wave.

The Suastika:

If we draw an s-shaped graph horizontally and another vertically, with a common center, what we get would be a Suastika.

The center of the Swastika corresponds to the angle of our mouth. There are two Swastikas corresponding to the left and right of our mouth. Each Swastika is the mirror image of suastika .

Thus, Suastika is symbolic of control of emotions and means 'well being'.

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What is the purpose of Swaskita?

don't you mean the swastika? the swastika was the nazi symbol. don't you mean the swastika? the swastika was the nazi symbol.

What does a swastika symbolize?

A Swastika is the symbol for Nazi Germany.

A sentence with the word swastika?

The swastika was the symbol of the Nazi party.

How would the word swastika look like in a sentence?

I was swastika.

What does a swastika mean according to Hitler?

the swastika meant prosperity, and that is what Hitler wanted for the German people. that is why Hitler used the swastika.

Where is the swastika banned?

The swastika is banned in Germany. A 2005 proposal by Germany to ban the swastika in all of the European Union was unsuccessful.

What was the symbol of Nazi's?

The 卐, or Swastika It is actually a tilted Swastika. The Swastika is actually a Hindu symbol. If you take the symbol and tilt it 45, so that the vertices and diagonals are vertical and horizontal, you get the Nazi Swastika.

What is the symbolic meaning of swastika?

the meaning of swastika is love life luck and light the meaning of swastika is love life luck and light

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The boy drew a swastika for a class project.

In Buddhism what does a swastika symbolize?

the swastika symbolizes infinity suck on that Hitler

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How long has the swastika been around?

Swastika used for over 3,000 years.

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Swastika railway station was created in 1908.

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Red Swastika Society was created in 1922.

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The Swastika Outside Germany was created in 1977.

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What is the first thing you think of when you see a swastika?

The first time most people see the swastika they think war, power, battle, others don't. But the real meaning of the swastika is "peace". Hitler first saw the swastika in church, as a child and then decided he would use the swastika later in his life.

What does the swastika mean in Nepal?

In Nepal, the swastika is a symbol of good fortune. The word "swastika" comes from Sanskrit, and means "all is well." The swastika is important to Nepalese Hindus and Buddhists, whose gods can often be seen holding swastikas.

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Type swastika on google images thousands will pop up

Is it ok if you get a swastika sign on your butt?

Not really, the swastika is not a very good sign to have on your body.

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No. You can't wear a swastika armband in Germany

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What is the history of the swastika?

The swastika was never a bad symbol it was actually a Lucky symbol/luck charm

How can you use the word swastika in a sentence?

The swastika symbol become the identifying emblem of the Nazi party.