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TMT means Thermo mechanically treated steel its a new-generation-high-strength steel having superior properties such as weldability, strength, ductility and bendability meeting highest quality standards at international level..thanks Aarif

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Q: What is TMT steel bar?
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What is the formula to calculate steel tmt bar weight per meter?

area of the bar multiple with density of steel

What is the formula to calculate steel tmt bar weight per meter sow with example?

Formula for steel bar weight per meter = D2/162 where D is diameter of bar

How tmt steel bar manufactured?

TMT steel bars are produce from Carbon steel material(BILLETs/,INGOTS)Finish steel bar coming out of finishing stage of rolling mill is passed through devise where it is being passed through high pressure water jets to give the steel bars desire quality's 500/550Kg per cms.squre

What is TMT Re-Bars?

Thermo mechanical tempered Reinforcing bar or Structural steel

What is the Ductility of tor steel and tmt steel?

8% TOR and 12% TMT

What is the density of TMT reinforcement steel?

the density of TMT R/F steel is 7850

What is the weigh of tmt steel 8mm to 12mm?

10 mm steel tmt of 100m weighs 62 kg and 8 mm tmt steel of 100 m weighs 39 kg

What is the full form of TMT?

TMT stands for Thermo Mechanically Treated steel

What is TMT steel?

thermo mechanically treated steel

What is unit weight of 12 mm tmt bar?

12mm tmt = how manykg

What is difference between pulkit tmt and tanisp tmt steel bars?

tanisp is far beter than pullkit,, pulkit is just an ordinary steel ,,

What is the difference between TMT and TOR steel bars?

One type of steel is worked when cold, and the other is treated when hot.TOR steel is technically a brand name for reinforcing steel from Toristeg Steel of Luxembourg.TOR has become a verbal shortcut for any type of CTD (Cold Twisted Deformed) steel. It is one form of HYSD (High Yield Strength Deformed) steel.TMT steel bar is a newer variety of steel for construction purposes. For many years TOR Steel has been used for concrete reinforcement. Thermo Mechanically Treated bars (TMT bars) give you several advantages over the other types of steel:Twisting operation is not involved in the production of the TMT steel bar,so no residual stresses involved in that , which in turn increases the corrosion resistance.Rust and Corrosion Resistance :The main reason for failure in any reinforcement concrete structure is due to corrosion of TOR Steel in the concrete, where this steel corrodes in existence of chloride ions. TMT Bars, due to its Thermo- mechanical treatment are very highly rust and corrosion resistant and is best suited in the humid and coastal states like West Bengal and Orissa.Uses:TMT Bars are much superior to conventional TOR Steel by virtue of their various engineering properties and can be used for Residential Buildings, Bridges, Drums, Industrial Establishment and all types of concrete reinforcement purposes.TMT Bars:Grade - Fe 415IS: 1786Note:The project designers use thermo mechanically treated bars (TMT) in place of torsteel and even in TMT, the choice is increasingly focused on that with higher tensile strength ( Fe-500 in lieu of Fe-415) and high corrosion resistant TMT (HCRM) which is specially meant for use in coastal areas.

What is difference between tor steel and TMT bars?

Tor steel is completely type of steel for which steel composition is decided. Unttill TMT is a coating only on upper surface to prevent corrosion. So we can say it is basic differance as we know.

Diff between tmt bars and plain bars?

Diffrence between tmt bars & round bar

What is the meaning of 500D inTMT Bar?

meaning of 500 D in TMT bar

What is the tmt steel rate per kg?


What is the standard length of TMT Bar?

its normally 12m.

What is the difference between TMT fe 415 and TMT HCRM fe 415?


What is tata 500d tmt?

TATA TISCON 500D is a superior grade of TMT which is given by BIS in 2008, TATA STEEL introduced 500D in India.

What is the full form of tmt bar?

Thermo mechanically treated bars

How you can calculate wt of TMT Bar?

diameter square of the bar. Divided by 162. gives W/1m length

What are the various grades of TMT steel bars?

Fe - 415, 500 and 550

How do you calculate oval and square for tmt bars rolling?

TMT bar oval weight Stand oval size in mm like 12mm size bar oval size-12*.8=9.6kg/m

What is the unit weight of 20 mm dia tmt bar?


What is the meaning for TMT bar?

TMT is basically an abbreviation for Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars. TMT in itself is just a metallurgical process that integrates work hardening and heat-treatment into a single process. Found out a website which might help you understand it better.