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What is TTl in digital electronics?


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transistor transistor logic


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In electronics TTL stands for Transistor Transistor Logic.

Digital electronics e.g (digital camera), and Analog electronics

Because in ECL logic Transistors doesn't go to saturation region hence saving the recovery time and making this family the faster.

I believe that is resistor transistor technology TTL transistor transistor logic

A digital circuit composed of bipolar junction transistors (BJTs). Widely used in all variety of electronic applications, especially prior to CMOS circuits becoming popular, TTL superseded the earlier RTL (resistor-transistor) and DTL (diode-transistor) logic designs, which used more power. In TTL, transistors are used to both isolate inputs and perform the logic switching. A "TTL" designation on a circuit input or output indicates a digital circuit rather than analog.Read more: transistor-transistor-logic-electronics

Electronics divides in analogue and digital one. Electronics is a physical branch of electron emission and behavior. Analog and digital are not two kind of electronics.

Two modern trends in digital electronics: smaller and faster.

The transition time in digital electronics is in the order of nano seconds.

Generally yes, but there are exceptions. It depends on the specific flash.

digital electronics are inherintly more reliable than analog - in terms of information processing.

Demultiplexers are used in digital electronics to get a signal at the input and produce so many at the output.

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Digital electronics in cameras have made film nearly obsolete. It is higher quality and has a lower chance of error.

The difference between computer engineering and digital electronics is that digital electronics represents signals. Computer engineering integrates several fields of computer science and electrical engineering to make computer systems. Digital electronics is the field of computers and computer controlled devices including the ones with analog inputs and outputs.

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One could purchase digital camera electronics at a local electronics store, or any store with an electronics department, i.e. BestBuy, Fry's, Target, WalMart, etc. Digital camera electronics can also be found online at web stores like amazon, newegg, or any of the web stores of the places stated before (BestBuy etc.)

In digital electronics "1" generally means on," 0 " means off. This simple system is the basis of all electronics that male up computers and the uses of digital signal analysis. All the data in computers can be broken down to one and zero.

They have their own merits and demerits you can't say digital electronics is best because in real world everything is available in analog quantity. Although Digital electronics is more reliable in comparison of analog because there is very high reliability in the sense (effect of noise) and correction of errors that occurred during transmission of digital signal, while this is not possible in analog communication.

This is the part of electronics consisting of such circuits which processes analouge quantities is called analogue electronics. And the part of electronics which provides the data in the form of a maximum and minimum voltage signals i.e. By two voltage levels only is known as digital electronics.

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Digital electronics involves logic 0 and logic 1. It involves the devices and circuits such as gates, flip-flops, latches etc. The basic idea of Digital electronics is mandatory for microprocessor & microcontroller and also for computer architecture. So, any application which involves microprocessor or a computer have digital electronics in it. It can be security applications, error correcting & error detecting , power saving circuits etc.

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