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transistor transistor logic

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Q: What is TTl in digital electronics?
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What is full form of TTL used in PIC16f72 micro-controller?

In electronics TTL stands for Transistor Transistor Logic.

What are different types of electronics components?

Digital electronics e.g (digital camera), and Analog electronics

Why ECL is faster than TTL in digital electronics?

Because in ECL logic Transistors doesn't go to saturation region hence saving the recovery time and making this family the faster.

What is rt in electronics?

I believe that is resistor transistor technology TTL transistor transistor logic

What is ttl circuit?

A digital circuit composed of bipolar junction transistors (BJTs). Widely used in all variety of electronic applications, especially prior to CMOS circuits becoming popular, TTL superseded the earlier RTL (resistor-transistor) and DTL (diode-transistor) logic designs, which used more power. In TTL, transistors are used to both isolate inputs and perform the logic switching. A "TTL" designation on a circuit input or output indicates a digital circuit rather than analog.Read more: transistor-transistor-logic-electronics

What are the modern trends in digital electronics?

Two modern trends in digital electronics: smaller and faster.

What Transition time in digital electronics?

The transition time in digital electronics is in the order of nano seconds.

What are the kinds of electronics?

Electronics divides in analogue and digital one. Electronics is a physical branch of electron emission and behavior. Analog and digital are not two kind of electronics.

What is significance of digital electronics?

digital electronics are inherintly more reliable than analog - in terms of information processing.

What is the use of demultiplaxer in digital electronics?

Demultiplexers are used in digital electronics to get a signal at the input and produce so many at the output.

What has the author David L Wagner written?

David L. Wagner has written: 'Digital electronics' -- subject(s): Digital electronics

Do digital electronics really exist?


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