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What is Taylor Swift's song Change about?

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January 02, 2010 10:08PM

"I wrote this song about being on a small record label in this big huge music industry. And I knew going in that being on a little record label surrounded by all these big, huge, huge, massive record labels, that we were going to have to work harder. We were gonna have to work harder to get on tours, we were gonna have to work harder to get performances on TV shows, and to win awards, and to do everything, we were gonna have to do twice as much work because we were on this little record label. And I wrote this song the day after I won the CMA horizon award, and, you know, it was just the most amazing night of my life. And writing this song about that, its just so cool to look back on fighting your way up and realizing it was all worth something… It really does have an alternate meaning for competition, athletic competition. These athletes going into the Olympics, they know that this is the most intense competition, and it's either make it, or break it. You literally, you win or you don't. It's 5o hard and its 5o intense, and I think that this song kind of encompasses that."