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What is Taylor swifts fav song she has recoded?

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I just jizzed my pants she wolf by shakira

watermellon is Taylor swifts fav fruit....

she loves BBQ pork, and lollies

Taylor lautners least fav song is "head over hills".

Her Favorite color is white don't know why though

her fav video is We are never getting back together

i think her fav that she sang wuz Tim mcgraw. her second favs wr probly love story or teardrops on my guitar

her fave clothing is jeans and a tshirt that has her and abagail Lauren Anderson on

The Answer Is "Love Actually" starring Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, and Keira Knightley.

Taylor swifts all time favorite movie is Love Actually her and her best friend Abigail watch it every Christmas

Love story or white horse.

Her favorite color is pink but she likes all of the colors execpt for the ugly ones like black, brown, etc.

Taylor lautner fav. drink is root beer

Taylor Lautner's Fav number is 17!

Taylor_Swifts_fav_soda_is_probably_root_beer_because_I_am_Abigale_and_I_love_root_beer._just_in_case_you_don't_know_me_Taylor_are_bff's_so_i_think_It_is_root_beer!!!!!!!!">Taylor Swifts fav soda is probably root beer because I am Abigale and I love root beer. just in case you don't know me Taylor are bff's so i think It is root beer!!!!!!!!

his fav animal is a dog

i think Taylor swift likes all of her songs exactly the same because she wrote them and should be proud of herself :)

Talyor Lautner's fav. animal is a dog.

her fav song of hers is see you again, and her fav song in the whole wide world is do you believe in magic by aly and ajher fav song of hers is see you again, and her fav song in the whole wide world is do you believe in magic by aly and aj

my fav song she wrote is either work or whats my nam

well there's probably millions, but my personal fav Love Story - Taylor Swfit

the album speak now is taylor's fav cuz this album is totally written by her..... without anyone's help and from this album taylor's fav is Back to December

yes my favorite is love story it's ok. My favorite ones from that album are forever and always and white horse yea I love that song it's like my fav song it's like da bomb it's sooooooo cool but my favourite is love story it's soooooo cool YESSS Of course!!! Its SOOOO Awesome!! Keep Rockin Taylor Swift!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS WELLLLLLLLLLLL SHES SOO BOSS

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