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What is Temperate rain forest?

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Is the temperate forest part of the rain forest?

Not necessarily... There are Temperate Rain forests... But Rain forests, such as the Amazon, are more extreme. And it the rain forest could be a part of the temperate forest.

Does the moose live in the rain forest or temperate forest?

Temperate forest

What is the name temperate forest or temperate rain forest?

temprate rainforest

What are 5 biomes?

tundra, taiga, temperate deciduous forest, temperate rain forest, tropical rain forest, desert, grassland

What are the main biomes?

Tundra Taiga Dessert Grassland Tropical Rain Forest Temperate Rain Forest Temperate Deciduous Forest Chaparral (Scrub Forest)

What are the main biomes of Kentucky?

Tundra Taiga Dessert grassland Trapical Rain Forest Temperate Rain Forest Temperate Deciduous Forest Chaparral (Serub Forest)

Why is a temperature rainforest different than a tropical rainforest?

I believe you mean ''temperate''... ? A temperate rain forest is a rain forest in a cooler climate compared to a rainforest in the tropics (near the equator). I believe the only temperate rain forest (or only rain forest for that matter) is the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington, USA. hope that helps

Is the temperate Forest the same as the rainforest?

No, a temperate forest is like in new England while a rain forest is in brzil

Does Most of Southeast Asia has a temperate rain forest climate?

Most of Southeast Asia has a temperate rain forest climate is it true or false

What biome has more biological species than anywhere else in the world?

it will be either a temperate deciduous forest, grassland, tropical rain forest, or a temperate rain forest.

What do people wear in the temperate forest?

to survive in the temperate rain forest you need to wear a bathing suit

What temperate rain forest is in the US?


What two biomes have the most amount of precipitation?

It would be the rain forest and temperate rain forest.

What forest is dominated by trees with needlelike leaves?

temperate rain forest

Where are the different biomes?

There are Seven different Biomes, Grassland, Wetland, Tundra, Temperate Deciduous Forest, Temperate Rain Forest, Tropical Rain forest, and Desert. I hope this is what you were looking for. ~Sarah

What some activities to do in temperate rain forest?

you can go canoeing, swimming ,camping,hiking or fact finding in the temperate rain forest------little Sarah425

What is the climate and tempreature of a forest?

That depends on where the forest is. There are many types of forests eg tropical rain forest, temperate rain forest or subarctic forest

What is the climate for temperate deciduous forest?

gets 2nd most rain fall next to the rain forest

What are the 8 biomes?

Tropical rain forest, savanna, desert,chaperral, temperate grassland, temperate decidious forest, coniferous forest, and tundra

What biome is Portland Oregon?

temperate rain forest

What biome do salamanders live in?

temperate rain forest

What are the abiotic factors in the Temperate rain Forest?


What are the major biomes in Georgia?

the temperate rain forest

What biome has a mild climate?

Temperate rain forest.

What are the two types of rain forest?

tropical and temperate

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