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What is Texas's climate?


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That really depends on which part of Texas you are talking about, I am on the coast of Texas and it is very tropical (humidity, mosquitoes and all..), but West Texas is like desert, dry, so you need to be more specific as to which part.

In summer, its generally around 102-104 in central Texas. South Texas is about 2 degrees warmer, and North Texas is about 2 degrees cooler! Our coldest month is February, and this year we got snow! It gets down to the lowest 28-30 in cities, and it got down to 14 in the Hill Country this winter. It generally hits 80 by mid-end of March and only gets hotter from there!
Texas's climate varies widely, from arid in the west to humid in the east. The huge expanse of Texas encompasses several regions with distinctly different climates: Northern Plains, Trans-Pecos Region, Texas Hill Country, Piney Woods, and South Texas. Generally speaking, the eastern half of Texas is humid subtropical, while the western half is semi-arid (with some arid regions). While snowfall is more common across northern Texas than in its southern sections, snow has fallen heavily near and along the middle and upper Texas coastline.