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They are not going to repossess a vehicle because you were rude. They can however repossess it if you miss just one payment.

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Q: What is Texas law on repose can they repossess from me because i was rude being rude?
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Can a finance company repossess your car if your license is suspended?

They won't repossess it for your license being suspended, but they can repossess it when you fail to make payments, regardless of what the current status of your license is.

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What is the law in Texas regarding your vehicle being towed and taken by a company who says you owe them money and the car was paid in full?

If you owe any company other than where you bought your vehicle (because it is paid in full) the said company can repossess your car by towing it away to make up for the money you owe them. If it is the company where you bought the car and they have repossessed it then you should seek legal advice as Texas has many different laws and there is also 'Lemon Laws.'

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If a car that is being repossessed is at a residence of someone else and a vehicle is behind the car to be repossessed can they move it lawfully?

No. Absolutely not. If they enter a vehicle they do not have an order of repossession on, they've committed a crime. They may enter the vehicle they are there to repossess, and only the vehicle they are there to repossess.

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Can they take your car after 1 month of being late?

Unless you have an unusual contract, you are in violation as soon as you are late and they can repossess anytime they choose.

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