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Thanksgiving is a North American holiday. It is not celebrated in Europe.

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Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe?

Yes!People all over Europe celebrate Thanksgiving.

How is Thanksgiving celebrated in Europe?

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Europe. Only a few countries celebrate Thanksgiving and the United States and Canada are the main two.

Is Thanksgiving a holiday in Europe?

No, Thanksgiving is not a holiday in any of Europe's countries.

What was the first actual Thanksgiving called?

The first actual thanksgiving was called the "First Thanksgiving". :-]

What is the day after Thanksgiving called?

The day after thanksgiving is THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!

When does Europe celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day is not celebrated anywhere other than the US.

When do Europe people celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a North American Celebration, it is not celebrated in Europe. Thanksgiving is a feast started by the pilgrims who gave thanks to God for finally arriving in the new world ( America)

What is Thanksgiving day called in Canada?

Thanksgiving, the same as it is called in the US.

What was the original purpose of thanksgiving?

It was a harvest festival and not called Thanksgiving.

Did the pilgrims called their feast Thanksgiving false or true?

False, the first thanksgiving was not called that by the pilgrims.

Do people in Europe celebrate Thanksgiving?

Two European countries have a traditional Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving-esque celebration. In the Netherlands, the town of Leiden holds a church service each year on the morning of American Thanksgiving to commemorate the Pilgrims who left from Leiden to travel to America. In Germany, a Christian harvest thanksgiving festival called Erntedankfest is celebrated in early October. Like the American Thanksgiving, Erntedankfest also includes large meals.

Is Thanksgiving called differently in some countries?

Canada: Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving is an American and Canadian holiday.

Why did Thanksgiving take place?

Thanksgiving took place because when all the troops came home they would have a gathering. And a gathering is what the people called Thanksgiving before they came up with the name "Thanksgiving". So, when they founded the name Thanksgiving, they called it Thanksgiving instead of a gathering. I hope that helped! :)

What is Thanksgiving called in Quebec?

They call it Thanksgiving or in Canadian french it is called: Jour de l'Action de grâce.

What does France call Thanksgiving?

France use the same word, but rarely as it is of little use outside the US. Thanksgiving is barely known, and is not a holiday in Europe.

What was Thanksgiving originally called?

It was originally called day of wellness.

What do they call Thanksgiving in cuba?

Thanksgiving is called "El dia de accion de gracias"

What is Thanksgiving called in Mexico?

Dia de Accion de Gracias (literally, Thanksgiving Day). You should note however, that Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Mexico.

Who were the pilgrims that made Thanksgiving?

The English people (People from Europe) who came to america in 1600s.

Does Germany have Thanksgiving?

Yes. It is called Erntedankfest.

Is Staples open on Thanksgiving?

I called and they said no.

What was the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade originally called?

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was originally called "Macy' Christmas Parade" when it began in 1924.

How does Europe celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Europeans do not celebrate Thanksgiving as we know it.Some of the main celebrations in Europe, and around the world, are Christmas eve and Christmas day, New year's eve (sometimes called Sylvester's day) New year's day, Valentine's day, May Day, Easter, Summer and winter Solstice, Autumnal and Vernal Equinox, and Independence day (A different day for each country).The Netherlands is the only country in Europe that celebrates Thanksgiving, because some of the first Pilgrims came from Leiden in the Netherlands. Like in the USA and Canada, they would have a big meal.

What is the holiday that is like Thanksgiving called in Mexico?

There is no such thing. Only the USA celebrates thanksgiving as a national event.

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