What is The King's Cross?

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King's Cross is a district of London, (not generally of high repute), and also a major railway station in that location, originally of the Great Northern Railway. Through the Harry Potter books and films it is now known internationally as the location of the magical platform 9 3/4, with the train to Hogwarts. There is also a King's Cross district (not generally of high repute) in Sydney, Australia.

It is a London Railway station.

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Q: What is The King's Cross?
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When was Kings Cross - band - created?

Kings Cross - band - was created in 2009.

Which Tube Lines did not call at Kings Cross?

The Circle Line is the Tube Line that did not call at the Kings Cross.

When was From St Kilda to Kings Cross created?

From St Kilda to Kings Cross was created on -19-02-01.

What two London railway stations have the word cross in them?

Charing Cross and Kings Cross

How far is Liverpool station from kings cross?

If you mean Liverpool Street Station and Kings Cross Station, it's about 4 miles.

Which Tube Lines did not call at Kings Cross St Pancras?

The Hammersmith and City lines did not call at Kings Cross St. Pancras.

Is kings cross an industrial area?

If you're asking about Kings Cross in London, no it isn't but there is some commerce - hotels and offices etc.

What are the names of the main railway stations in London?

Kings cross and Charing cross

Train track in Harry Potter?

filmed at kings cross written in books as kings cross but jk Rowling was actually thinkin of euston

How much is a night at Kings Cross hotel?

There is no place called Kings Cross Hotel. There are a variety of hotels that one can stay in while visiting Kings Cross which is located in London. Some of the rates for the hotels would be from $145 to $185 a night. Someone that is looking for information on hotels and other attractions in Kings Cross can do so at Expedia and Tripadvisor.

What are the 2 main railway stations in London that have the word cross in the name?

Kings Cross and Charing Cross.

How far from Kings Cross rail station to Victoria bus station?

It is about 3.3 miles on foot from Kings Cross station to the Victoria coach station.

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