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What is The King's Cross?

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King's Cross is a district of London, (not generally of high repute), and also a major railway station in that location, originally of the Great Northern Railway. Through the Harry Potter books and films it is now known internationally as the location of the magical platform 9 3/4, with the train to Hogwarts. There is also a King's Cross district (not generally of high repute) in Sydney, Australia.

It is a London Railway station.

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When was Kings Cross - band - created?

Kings Cross - band - was created in 2009.

Which Tube Lines did not call at Kings Cross?

The Circle Line is the Tube Line that did not call at the Kings Cross.

How far is Liverpool station from kings cross?

If you mean Liverpool Street Station and Kings Cross Station, it's about 4 miles.

Is kings cross an industrial area?

If you're asking about Kings Cross in London, no it isn't but there is some commerce - hotels and offices etc.

Which Tube Lines did not call at Kings Cross St Pancras?

The Hammersmith and City lines did not call at Kings Cross St. Pancras.

How much is a night at Kings Cross hotel?

There is no place called Kings Cross Hotel. There are a variety of hotels that one can stay in while visiting Kings Cross which is located in London. Some of the rates for the hotels would be from $145 to $185 a night. Someone that is looking for information on hotels and other attractions in Kings Cross can do so at Expedia and Tripadvisor.

Train track in Harry Potter?

filmed at kings cross written in books as kings cross but jk Rowling was actually thinkin of euston

How far from Kings Cross rail station to Victoria bus station?

It is about 3.3 miles on foot from Kings Cross station to the Victoria coach station.

How far from st pancreas to kings cross?

St Pancras and Kings Cross are adjacent to each other so you could walk it in 5 minutes.

How far from Euston Station to Kings Cross?

The distance from Euston Station to Kings Cross Station is 0.6 miles. In kilometers, the distance is one kilometer. Taking a quick walk from Euston Station to Kings Cross Station may take 9 to 12 minutes.

Which queen is buried at kings cross station?

No one knows for sure about Boudicca, but the story that persists is that Boudicca is buried beneath platform 7 of Kings Cross Station.

How long does it take by train from London kings cross to Manchester piccadilly?

Trains don't go from Kings Cross to Manchester. They leave from London Euston which is a 10 minute walk from Kings Cross. The journey from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly takes around 2 hours 10 minutes.

How to travel from Kings cross to st pancreas international?

Kings Cross and St Pancras International Stations stand adjacent to one another and share the same Underground Station

HOw to get from Victoria coach station to Kings cross?

The Victoria Line runs through Victoria and Kings Cross. Victoria Coach station is a short walk from the underground (tube) station.

Is Kings Cross station the same as Kings Cross St Pancras?

King's Cross St. Pancras is the London Underground (tube) station serving the two National Rail (mainline) termini, King's Cross and St Pancras. All three stations are separate but adjacent.

Where is Kings Cross?

There's one in London and one in NSW

How far from kings cross rai station to victoria bus station?

It is probably about 5 miles. You can either get a taxi or the underground (Victoria Line) from Kings Cross to Victoria and then it is about a 400m walk

How long should it take to exit the eurostar in London and catch a train at kings cross?

The London Eurostar terminal is at St Pancras International station which is adjacent to Kings Cross station, so whatever it takes to cross the road and buy your ticket.

Are King's Cross and St Pancras Together?

St Pancras and Kings Cross are two separate main line stations, very close to each other but served by a single underground station hence the name "Kings Cross St Pancras" .

How do you get to suffolk from London by train?

From Kings Cross and Liverpool Street Stations

Where is Rosaleen Norton's grave?

It is in Darlinghurst road at Kings cross in Australia.

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