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Probably TET.

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What is the biggest holiday in vietnam?

Tet holiday ( Lunar New Year)

When was Vietnam Film Festival created?

Vietnam Film Festival was created in 1970.

What is the biggest festival in china?

I may be wrong but i believe it to be the Chinese new year!

Which is the biggest sports festival in the world?

olympic games is the biggest festival in the world.

Which type of festival is held every year in cannes?

Its a Film Festival, the biggest award to win is the Palme d'Or, which is for best film.

What is biggest rock festival?

The biggest festival is PRZYSTANEK WOODSTOCK in Poland. There is 500 000 peoples.

What is London's biggest street festival?

Notting Hill Carnival is the biggest street festival in Europe.

What is the biggest festival in the World?

The Band/Live Aid series. Glastonbury in the UK is the biggest annual music festival.

What are India's biggest festivals?

the Diwali is the biggest festival in India

Where is the biggest jazz festival in the world?

That would be the Montreal International Jazz Festival. It currently holds the Guinness World Record as the worlds largest jazz festival. Around 3000 artists perform each year in over 700 concerts. In 2014 the festival is going into it's 34th year and tipped to be the biggest yet, so it's certain to hold on to its title! For more info on the festival, see the related links section below.

Where is the Oxegen Music Festival held?

Oxegen is the biggest music festival in Ireland, held every year. It is located at the Punchestown Racecourse, in the town of Naas. This is in County Kildare.

What is Trinidad biggest party?

Carnival is the biggest festival in Trinidad and Tobago

What is the biggest place in Vietnam?

The biggest "Military Region" (MR-2) in the former Republic of South Vietnam was II Corps (aka MR-2).

What is the biggest island in Vietnam?

Phu Quoc Island is biggest islandPhú Quốc, also known as Koh Trol in Cambodia, is the largest island in Vietnam.

What is the name of a Hanoi holiday?

There are many, but major ones include tet (lunar new year), moon festival, and Vietnam Independence Day.

What is the Germany's biggest religious festival?


Which parkson is the biggest in Malaysia?

KL festival

What is the biggest religious festival of Germany?


What is oklahomas biggest festival?

art festivals

What are the big festivals in Louisiana?

Well the biggest festival in Louisiana is the Mardi Gras festival. :)

Biggest sport festival in the world?

"olympic games" is the world's largest sports festival.

What holiday involves masks and samba?

The Rio Carnival in Brazil. It takes place once every year and is the biggest festival in the world!

What war was going on during the Woodstock festival?

Vietnam of course!

What was Johnson's biggest problem?

the vietnam war:) j.g.s

Do they have another festival named Diwali in Nepal?

It is called "Tihar" - the second biggest festival of Nepal.