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In soil mechanics what is sand cone method?

Answer . The Sand Cone Method is a sand replacement method for determining the field unit weight or the in-situ density of natural or compacted soil. There are three standard procedures used for determining this weight, including the Sand Cone Method, Rubber Balloon Method and the Nuclear Method. ( Full Answer )

What is the importance or sand dollars?

Sand dollars are important because they are a unique type ofanimal. Their shells are also sold and are an economic resource tosome people.

What are the methods to test the IQ level?

IQ , or Intelligence Quotient , is a general measurement of an individual's capacity to think and reason. Find out what your IQ level is in 35 minutes. This IQ test was prepared by a psychologist and this test will enable you to compare your IQ level with the IQ level of the average population.

What methods are used in HIV testing?

ELISA and Western blotting are the methods used to confirm the HIV virus on the sample. It is identified on the basis of antigen-antibody(Ab) interaction of HIV protein and its Ab. This may even allow us to identify the viral titer in the blood.

In the scientific method how do you test a hypothesis?

A hypothesis is tested by performing the appropriate experiments. There are many possible approaches to this. In general, experiments are set up to allow an outcome that exposes the hypothesis as false . Advocates of the hypothesis hope that this outcome does not happen , and opponents of the hypo ( Full Answer )

Method use in separating sugar and sand?

Firstly, water is to be added to make sugar water solution. The the total mixture of sand and sugar-water solution is passed through filter paper. The sand separates out and sugar water solution is collected in a vessel. Then by evaporating sugar is collected..

Why are sand dunes important?

Sand dunes are important because they aid in the prevention of erosion of beaches. They also provide a necessary habitat for many species.

What is Sand-Box-Testing?

Sandbox testing is basically the ability to submit and process transactions, data, ect within an application that is not in a 'live' state. These transactions are not ONLINE, or real so they have no effect.. Basically this is a TESTING mode, training mode for an application. Usually used in a devel ( Full Answer )

What is a method to test for fat in a food?

One method is to take the food, get a piece of paper and rub your food on the piece of paper. Hold the paper up to the light and if it is partly translucent the food has fat in it. If you are not satisfied with your result, try rubbing the food harder on the paper.

What is the method use in separating sugar and sand?

Firstly, water is to be added to make sugar water solution. The the total mixture of sand and sugar-water solution is passed through filter paper. The sand separates out and sugar water solution is collected in a vessel. Then by evaporating sugar is collected.

Sand silt content test?

first of all take the sample of the sand and insert it into a measuring jar, then add water as per required,then add half spoon salt for better setting time. shake the jar slowly....and wait for 10 minutes. after 10 minutes you can see the different layer of the actual sand,silt and water. for calc ( Full Answer )

Does Hawaii import sand?

yes! hawaii is formed by volcanic activity which produces islands made of basalt. when basalt erodes it is very fertile but it does not erode to sand. Sedimentry rocks produce sand and these are not found on volcanic islands. So, yes, Hawaii imports most of it's sand from Australia and i think even ( Full Answer )

What are the three method of testing seeds?

=damage free . =true to type . =good germinating ability or high quality . =free from weeds mixture . =suitable to local conditions . =free from seed borne disease

Separation method for sand and water?

The mixture of and and water is a heterogeneous mixture. There is two steps to separate: Sedimentation: The sand will settle at the bottom of the beaker Decantation: Pour the water slowly out of the container leaving the sand behind. This water is called "supernatant" liquid.

Why is sand important in soil?

sand is important to soil that has drainage problems or in other words, if water does not move down through the soil easy, sand can help to improve drainage of water penetration down through the soil. When this can happen plant roots can more easily get soil oxygen and nutrients

Why is sand important?

There are many reasons why, and I have really no clue, but i believe sand is important because of beaches. I love beaches! I'm only doing this because I got bored, so don't use this for science.

Why is sand art important?

So called "Sand-painting" is not art as we normally mean with theword. It is important because it is part of Navajo traditionalreligious ceremonies. They are made of colored sand, pollen,charcoal and other ground up substances. They are destroyed at theend of the ceremony. Most of the ceremonies are ( Full Answer )

Why are estuaries important to sand sharks?

They provide food, shelter and may be sought out intentionally by sharks to remove parasites. They are critical nurseries for most species of sharks. Ken, the Shark Wrangler

What is the sand dollars method of reproduction?

The sand dollars produce their young one by external fertilization. During the breeding time, the seperate male and female sand dollars release their gamate in the water. The sperm finds a ripe egg and develops into a young sand dollar larvae.

Why are oil sands important to Canada?

Oil sands are important to Canada, and the United States, because of how much oil they produce, and how much oil we consume with our machines, or how ever else. But its also important because, well as my opinion as a Canadian, it is Dirty Oil.

What is tallquist method testing for?

It is a method of hemoglobin estimation in blood. The processinvolves absorbing a drop of blood on a standard paper and comparing it with a standardspecimen.

Compare between sand cone test and nuclear test?

Sand Cone: Dig out the dirt being tested for compaction, weigh it, heat it until absolutely dry, and weigh it again. (Determines the weight of water in the dirt sample. ) Then, using the sand cone device, fill the hole level with sand, using the device gradations to measure the sand volume. Then, us ( Full Answer )

Who promoted the test-teach-test method?

If my research is correct, it stems from work by Brumfit in 1978 (Brumfit, C. J, 'Communicative' Language teaching: an assessment. In P. Strevens (ed), In Honour of A. S. Hornby. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 33-44 Keith Johnson then ran with it, developing the "Deep-End Strategy", which THEN ( Full Answer )

What is the study-test method?

I hope this site helps you... I just Google your question... homeworktips.about.com/.../ studymethods / Study _ Methods .htm Hope this helps!

What is the Ivy method of the bleeding test?

In the Ivy method, a blood pressure cuff is placed on the upper arm and inflated to 40 mM Hg. A lancet or scalpel blade is used to make a stab wound on the underside of the forearm.

What is the method for testing a leaf for starch?

The presence of starch in the leaf can be tested by the application of Iodine after removing the chlorophyll from the cells by boiling the leaf in water. Iodine reacts with starch to impart blue or black color.

What is walkthrough program testing method?

A walk-through is a debugging technique, whereby each line of code is executed one line at a time, allowing the programmer to observe changes to variable values and memory contents as they occur. It is often used to step through a series of function calls in order to identify a logic problem when th ( Full Answer )

What is the standard sand for concrete testing?

Concrete Standard Specifation is ASTM C33 If we Check it so we can find the Stardard sand sieves forconcrete. ASTM C778 is another Specification for Standrad Sand ------------------------------------------------------------ Ennore sand - K @ $ ! civil engineering - GITAM UNIVERSITY .

What are the scientific methods of testing a hypothesis?

An experiment. The scientific method is on 6 steps, and to test your hypothesis would be an experiment. Hope this helped :) ALSO: . The steps of the scientific method are to: . Ask a Question . Do Background Research . Construct a Hypothesis . Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment . ( Full Answer )

What is a method of separating sand and water?

1. Pour the mixture through a funnel of filter paper. The sand will not flow through. Leave the funnel with the sand in it out to evaporate the rest of the water. 2. Boil the mixture because the boiling point of water is much lower than that of sand. When all the water boils off, leave out to cool. ( Full Answer )

What is Sand Box Testing?

Sandbox testing is basically ability of an application to submit and process transcations within the application when its not "live".

What is a method you can use to separate sand and sugar?

Sugar will dissolve in water, sand will not. or Lick your finger and stick it in the sand/sugar wait 30 seconds and then realize what you are doing is ridiculous and the only way to separate the mix is to do it grain by grain which is even worse so you are going to go to your nearest grocery sto ( Full Answer )

What is the method for flame tests?

Proper method: Take a strip of zinc and put into the hottest part of a bunsen, then place in acid (I forget which), and burn again to remove impurities. Then dip the zinc into the powdered substance and hold in the flame, noting the colour which tells you what substance it is. Simple version: M ( Full Answer )

Is changing sand important in a sand filter?

Yes. After several years the sand begins to round out like river stones and become less effective. It can also become caked with oils, calcium and other debris from the pool. How often you need to change the sand in your filter will depend upon different factors such as running time, water chemistry ( Full Answer )

Is water sinking into sand important?

Yes, water sinks in sand end this is a good thing otherwise every time it rains everything would overflow. If water could not go in the ground plants wouldn't be able to live because there won't be any ground water.

What method will you use to separate salt and sand?

If you dissolve the salt and the sand in water the sand will stay beind and the salt would dissappear. But if you want the salt back you can evaporate it off, by boiling the water. (with the dissolved salt in it)

What methods can be used to sand a floor?

The first thing that you have to do is ensure that everything is clear from the room, since sanders typically create quite a mess. Then you'll need to rent a drum and edge sander. Lastly you'll be alternating between the two sanders depending on what section of the floor you'll be working on.